Sunday, 12 October 2008

Finally an update..

Hi everyone.. well as usual.. It has been too long since I have updated.. and of course heaps has been happening.. so I have decided to do it in a couple of posts so I don't confuse myself.. lol.. Not hard these day!..

On the 27th.. we were lucky enough to catch up with the Kevin, Carol, David and Helen.. They are friends of Greg's family and have known him since he was about Brodie's age.. These days they spend all their spare time travelling around in caravans.. and they had a big caravan gathering in Rocky so we went to say g'day..

Of course Brodie did his usual trick and decided there was not gonna be a good photo

That night we had arranged with Rach, Adrian, Zoe and Joe to go camping.. in our back We are planning to go away camping soon so decided we'd better check out the equipment and make sure all was ok.. The boys loved it.. an Zoe and I had a marvellous night sleep in my I'm not silly enough to sleep on our rocky ground when my comfy bed is only 50 mtrs away..pmsl.. Adrian and Greg had a great time playing primitive man and setting up the camp.. Adrian also turned into a fire bug.. eventually putting that huge a log on it I reckon it would've burnt for a We had a yummy dinner of roasts and silverside done in camp ovens.. and a few quiet drinkies around the fire.. Some a little more than others.. no names
God knows why but Joe got up and went surfing the next morning at 4 (crazy!!) and as Zoe and I both caught a flu that night we didn't get out of bed until about 2.. The funniest thing the next morning was that (even though I don't snore) pmsl.. I must've been making some noise at one point while I was napping.. and little Ella was sitting on her Mum's lap growling at me.. I soo wish I had that on Anyway some pics ..

The camp!!

Gotta love those marshmallows!!
Declan sure did..
And Brodie seemed to get more on his face than in his

Jo and Zoe..

Rach and Adrian..

So lucky to have such good friends!!

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Tam said...

Got to love it when they camp, and you snooze :)

Great pics, dont you love big get togethers. :)

Chat soon xxxxx