Sunday, 12 October 2008

Holiday at Dingo Beach

Well we finally got there.. On the second week of the hols we went up to Dingo Beach for a few days.. We stayed at Dad's in Mackay on Monday night And had dinner with My Brother and his family.. picked up Sarah (my Niece) on Tuesday to take her up with us..

The boys love playing with Sammy when they can!
Poppy and Brodie playing in the back seat on the way up.!
We got there and unpacked.. and Greg took the kids down to the Beach.. The tv wasn't working so I had to stay home and wait for someone to come check it.. What a shame.. they couldn't get it working.. lol..lucky the DVD worked so at least we could watch a movie..

The boys were very impressed.. As it was low tide they got to see starfish and other marine creatures.. I am so sorry I missed out..

On Wednesday Greg and Poppy packed up all the kids.. unfortunately the boat only held So I got to stay home and relax and do some beading.. Thank God I did because the boat wouldn't start out in the middle of the ocean.. lol.. Luckily they were in Mobile rang so managed to ring and get someone tow them.. of course once they started towing them.. it started.. lol.. So after about 5 hours in the boat they did about 15 mins fishing.. The kids had a ball.. but Poppy and Greg were not too impressed..
On Thursday we went down to the beach again.. it is really lovely there.. lots of shells and hardly any people.. The kids had a great time swimming and looking for starfish etc..
Declan the Water baby..

Sarah and Brodie playing in the swell..
Brodie had a great time playing in the sand.. but wasn't so impressed when he decided to eat a handful!!..

Here is a piccie I put together from a series of pics I took. It is not exact as the beach is nearly straight.. but you get the idea of the beautiful scenery..
After the kids were beached out.. we took them up to the park.

That afternoon Poppy and Greg went out for a spot of fishing on their own.. no problems this time .. and Poppy won't let Greg forget he caught the only legal

Meanwhile the kids and I played Uno.. Connor picked it up really quickly and had a great time wanting to play all afternoon..

Every night Sarah and I stayed up after the boys were in bed and I taught her how to do some beading.. It was really nice to spend some time with her.. Unfortunately I don;t get enough time with my gorgeous nieces..

Here are her creations.. I will upload mine later..

Thursday night we had a BBQ with some of Dad's friends up there.. it was lovely to meet some of the people that are so important to him..

Friday was a very looong day.. we packed up the car and were on the road by 8.30. Got to Mackay and unloaded Dad then went into town to drop off Sarah.. The boys all got their Birthday presents from Shane, Sue and the girls.. they were very impressed.

We didn't get home then until nearly 5.. ad we were all exhausted.. especially as the portable dvd decided to pack it in on the way up.. 3 tired and grumpy kids in the car without a movie to distract them is hell!!.. I so wish my boys would sleep in the car!!

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