Sunday, 19 October 2008

Connor's Birthday Party - Sunday 5th

Well Connor turns 6 on the 8th and this year he wanted a Pirate Party. Luckily Tanya had stayed Sat night.. though I am not too sure so thought so in the morning.. The party wasn't until the afternoon so we thought we had plenty of time.. well we did until Declan woke up with NITS!! again.. I soo couldn't believe it.. So we got organised and started to do everyone's head.. just to be sure.. so yep.. six kids and two mummy's had to have that stuff that, in Connor's words, smells like poo in their hair.. Now that is a feat.. Tanya's 16 year old daughter was soooo not impressed.. she had been cuddling Declan in front of the tv the night before..pmsl.. Well if that wasn't enough.. next minute Greg is calling out.. SNAKE!!.. yep while we had been away a 4 ft Brown snake had taken up residence underneath the path around the house!!..

I always knew this place was a zoo but OMG.. this is ridiculous!! Believe me this pic was taken from a distance!

Well we finally got everyone settled down with shower caps on and had to try and catch up on all the things I hadn't done for the party.. like ice the cake..pmsl..But of course we had to get some pics first..lmao.. I am soo mean.. Somehow missed Connor though.. buggar!

Declan being Declan of course.. No matter what is going on!

Poor Michael and Talissa.. I was sooo not game to take Courtney's pic.. I think she woulda killed me!!Brodie was really good about it all. I think he actually enjoyed the nit comb.. especially as all week when I checked their hair he insisted I sit there for half an hour combing with funny kid!
Of course Tanya and were not silly enough to pics of

Well we finally got everything organised and it was time to Party.. unfortunately some people didn't bother to turn up.. or ring so I could invite others.. which was a real shame cause I had only let Connor invite about 5 of his mates.. Luckily with all the siblings though he still had lots of fun. Of course we had to dress up!

The pirate crew!!

The kids had a great time.. playing games and a pinata..

The cake .. not exactly what I had envisioned.. but Connor was

Tanya and were impressed with our little spider cakes though.. how cute are they!..

And of course the blowing out of the candles..

All in all it ended up being a great day.. despite the Connor had fun and was very impressed with his presents.. of course..

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Tam said...

Love the spidey cakes...might have to steal that idea :)

Great pics as usual!! xxxx