Sunday, 14 November 2010

Brodie's Birthday

On the 19th of October our Little boy turned 4!!! How time has flown. Because Greg was away the morning of his birthday we saved his pressies until that afternoon after Daycare. He loved his new Chef's Apron and hat.. Just like Poppy's! lol.. Unfortunately Greg had to go out again that night so he stayed with Connor and Brodie while I took Declan to Scouts. It wasn't a very exciting day for the poor little man but he enjoyed making cupcakes at Daycare and playing with some new toys.. Luckily it was only a few days till his party..

As Greg was basically away all week except for an hour or so on Brodes Birthday, the Sunday before they both went to the shop and he helped pick himself out a new Big Boy's Bike. His little one was still the right size for him but he wouldn't ride it anymore cause it was too small.. It didn't seem to matter that the bigger ones he couldn't touch the ground properly.. anyway he loved his new Shark Bike!

For his party he wanted to go to Victoria Park to ride his new bike. It was a lovely morning.. all our good friends, kids everywhere, and Brodes loved his Monster cake! I didn't realise until I started looking through the photos that I didn't get pics of half the bigger kids, Connor included, because they were too busy off playing and we didn't see

It was a lovely day and Brodes got spoilt rotten with Presents... We really are lucky to have such wonderful friends here!
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