Sunday, 14 November 2010

Connor's Birthday

Catch Up time again.. I am soo slack with this Blog aren't I!

Our big boy turned 8 in October...and instead of a party he decided he wanted to have a sleepover with a couple of his mates.. Well I told him two.. which ended up being 4 and then back to As he wanted to sleep in the tent.. with no adults.. He also wanted a camping cake. Well.. do you think I could find a tent small enough to fit on a so I had to make one.. that was fun! I think it turned out ok.. and Connor was happy with it which is the main thing.

All the boys came over on Saturday morning and had a great time playing with Connor's presents and running around the yard under the hose.. just as boys do. Then they had to help Greg set up the tent and get their beds organised. They were just a bit excited! I let Connor have no adults in there but we set the tent up right outside my window so I could hear

Pizza for dinner and the quietest time we had in the day was when they were eating and watching a 6 boys in the house makes for a lot of noise! Poor Kyle was falling asleep on the couch so after  the movie we cut the cake and sent them all off to bed. Connor and Lachlan were talking and playing with their little torches I had given all the boys until about 10.30. But they weren't too loud so I let em go. Kyle and Jamie Was very impressed though. Not one of them got scared at all.  


Unfortunately though they were all awake by 6 am. Luckily Greg is an early riser! They packed up the tent and camping gear and then it was off to the Bowling Alley.  The boys had a great time. And they were all well behaved which was a Declan is getting too big too.. he started off with the ramp to bowl but then decided he was big enough to bowl without it and did really well!  Connor was so happy as he managed a strike.. Then it was time to drop the boys home and Mummy to


It really was a good weekend and the boys had fun.. plus sooo much easier than a
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