Saturday, 20 November 2010

OK can we wipe this week..

What a week.. Started with Brodes having high temps and Headaches on Sunday night and Monday.. Which the other boys then got on Thursday night.. Luckily that was all they had so panadol eventually fixed them all up.

Was so looking forward to last night.. the girls coming over to scrap. Then Greg came home yesterday with a fever. Tanya, Nettie and Gil came over and I got started on Nettie and Gil's Wedding invites. But Greg ended up with the shakes, temps over 39C and miserable. So when the guys left I took the laptop to bed and kept looking for stuff online for the invites. Turned the puter off about 2.30am but was still awake at 5. Greg was moaning, sweating and I was waiting for him to have some fit or something from the fever! But of course he wouldn't let me take him to the hospital.

Anyway got to sleep after 5 and eventually woke up after 10 with a stinking headache and in a foul mood. Greg's temp had dropped slightly but then started going up again. So he has been to the hospital to see a doc and it seems he has a severly infected throat and middle ear.

Just to round off the day we were supposed to be going to Rydges at Yeppoon today for the Suncorp Xmas party. Staying overnight and coming home tomorrow. Was so looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Anyway Greg rang Rydges this morning to see about a refund or transferring the booking to another weekend. Couldn't see the sense in going with him sick. But the idiots at Rydges wouldn't even talk to him about it! Even though the room was in our name and the we paid for it, because Tracy from work had booked all the rooms they would only talk to her. I couldn't believe it. I was sooo ready to let fly. Luckily Greg was talking to them. He so more patient with these things.. I would have given them a gobful!

Anyway Tracey has talked to them and even if they don't refund us she and her hubby are going to take our room so we not out of pocket.. She such a lovely lady.  

So our relaxing weekend has turned into a miserable, rainy day with cranky kids, a sick hubby and a splitting headache!

So hope everyone else is having a much better weekend. And thanks for listening to me vent!

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Jessemiah said...

Well my aren't having much fun are you? Gosh Sometimes it seems everything goes wrong all at the same time! Sending ya some love and peace! xox