Thursday, 25 November 2010

November update... Late as usual..

The end of the school year was as busy as usual. lol.. The kids had their end of year concert on the 25th of November. They had been practising at school and at home for weeks.. They did absolutely wonderfully we were so proud of them.. and they had a blast! It was a real credit to the teachers for getting all those kids organised without any major dramas. lmao!
We also had some fun watching. All the littlies were relatively well behaved under the circumstances and Greg and Sam had a lovely conversation about their Sam went over and pointed to the fish on Gregs shirt and after being told what it was etc. proceeded to point to his own shirt as if to say.. 'well look at mine.. isn't it cool too..' hehe.. was soo cute! Ella and Brodie were up to their usual mischief.. chatting and bossing each other around and Miss Bonnie was Jodes girl that Rhys and Lily were of course just their usual cute little

On the 4th of December we finally got organised to do the Santa photos.. They took about 25 pics and I don't think they were all looking in the same direction in one of But there were some cute and no dramas this year about sitting on Santas knee or smiling thank God..
On the 17th we decided to go for a drive to check out the river and the Barrage.. As you can see it was up quite high even then... and of course my camera shy boys had to get their photos taken as

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