Tuesday, 16 November 2010

My Little Helpers

Well I am finally catching up I think..again..hehe.. It has been a busy few weeks as usual.. not helped by the fact that Greg seems to be away for work more than he is home. Last week he went on Wed and didn't come home until Sunday.

But luckily the boys have been pretty good which certainly makes life easier. On Sat after we got back from Cooberrie Park I threw a load of washing on and the boys decided they were going to help hang them out. I was on the phone when I went to check on them and just bout cacked myself when I saw them..

Declan had got the stool from under the water cooler and brought it out and Brodes had emptied all the clean clothes out of the basket and was standing on it to reach. But they did it all themselves.. and everything managed to stay clean too..lol.. Of course I had to take some pics..lol

Also while Greg was away we got the news that we have a new little Nephew.. Zachary Willem. Congratulations Tanya and Warwick! As Greg was in Brissie he hired a car on Sat and went up to visit. How cute is this little man! 

So can't wait to give him a big cuddle and get lots of pics!

Well think I am finally up to date.. Have I said before I gonna keep it that way..lol..

Hope all is well.. and would love to get some comments!! xxx

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