Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cooberrie Park

On Saturday I took the boys to Cooberrie Park with Declan's Joey's group. The boys loved it. We had a wander around first and the boys thought it was so funny because three emus were racing around the Betong's Cage stirring them up.. It seems that they play together regularly..lol. Declan wasn't impressed though when one of the donkeys tried to have drink from his water bottle.. lmao They got to pat the roos and the Koalas in the cages were so active and friendly the boys got to pat them.

After lunch the staff gave us a wildlife show and the boys got to hold and pat lizards, birds, koalas and snakes. Brodie wasn't too keen lol.. But of course Declan got his hands on any animals he could. I can't put the pic up because of the other boys in it but we had about 7 little boys in  row holding a 3 mtre long Python. It was 'awsome', in Declan's words..lol. Connor wanted to hold the head but as soon as it moved he changed his mind so of course Declan jumped in. No fear whatsoever. The boys had a choice between getting something from the shop or holding an animal. Declan and Brodes decided on a toy each but Connor wanted to hold a baby croc.. He was so excited about it.

It was a lovely day and the boys were well behaved for me which always makes it better..lol.

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