Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Yep.. I am officially old.. lol..

But first I want to show off the gorgeous notebook that the beautiful Kylie sent me.. I just love it.. and have been using for my to do lists.. seeing as I always have so many.. Mwah Kylie.. I love it!
Ok.. It was my Birthday on Saturday.. and the love started on Friday.. My wonderful friends that come over on Friday morning arrived with cakes, chocs and hmmm Cheesecake.. Thank you so very much ladies.. it was soo sweet. I really hadn't expected anything.. and the gorgeous Tanya even ran over early to put up balloons on the letterbox and brought me a yummy Cheesecake Coffee Cake with a 21 candle on it.. I soo wish.. and what a surprise when I drove up to the house. I am so lucky to have made such fantastic friends up here..

The two boys helped me to blow out the candles.. How yummy does that cake look.. You know what I been eating all week..pmsl..

On Saturday morning Connor played in his 'Grand Final' at Browne Park (sp). He was so impressed that he got to play where the Broncos have played.. Of course he will tell you that as usual both teams won.. I soo love that.. but the boys did do really well and I think they may have actually scored more tries.. Go

Here is Connor with Michael.. who is at school with him as well as at football.. and also the cheerleaders.. how cute are they..

Didn't get any photos of the other pair as they were rather grumpy that morning.. as was Connor. He had been a bit sick on Thursday and still wasn't himself.. Just one of those virus things that cause a temp and a headache and not much else.

So I have to say I was grateful to head off to Scrap n' Scrap to do Jill Geraghty-Groves class.. We had a great time.. I was soo relaxed by the time I left.. and as It was Julie's Birthday a few days before mine they had a cake for us and the Big Pink Bus turned up.. and of course I spent a fortune on Ann's It was sooo cool.. you just have to check it out.

So here we are in front of the Big Pink Bus.. Ann, Me, Nicole and Julie. It was soo good to catch up with you all!!

And here we are again with Jill.. It was such a fantastic Class. I learnt a few new tricks.. and it was just soo relaxed.. I hope Jill comes back again soooon!

Ok well here is on Lo I did.. Of my niece Sienna.. How cute is she. I love how it turned out.. Had so much fun doing all the girly stuff.. and the bling.. Oh I love the

Here is the lo we were working off.. Jill is such a talented lady. As you can see she used boys for her lo's.. like me she is the Mum of 3 boys.. But I soo wanted to do a girly lo.. lol

And this is the other lo.. Declan and Ebony.. they are just tooo cute.. Have I mentioned I looved getting all and Jill showed me how to make the buds out of the cute..

And this is the lo we were working off.. I didn't end up stitching around mine.. I prob could.. but I'm not sure I will get it done.. Especially as I haven't even finished the stitching from Nicole's first class.. I know I am naughty.. lol.. I love how all the lo's came out so different even though we were all working with the same things.. Just love it Jill and thanks soo much..

When I got home Greg and the boys had made me a chocolate cake.. yum.. Greg took pics on his phone.. but I haven't got around to downloading them yet.. And they had bought me a couple of indoor plants, seeing as I had finally killed the last one.. Oh well. Hope these last.

Greg then took Connor and Declan to Connor's footy breakup on Sunday.. Brodie was not well so I stayed home with him.. as I wasn't feeling all that crash hot either. I think I was lucky enough to catch the boys flu.. Brodie still has a temp.. and Declan has one now too.. so they both missed Daycare today.. So no day off for Mummy this week. So next week we need to do a makeup lesson for swimming for the two little ones.. and I have decided to pull them out next term.. Everyone just seems soo tired in this house at the moment. I figure a term with no commitments but Playgroup might do us all good.

But overall it has been a lovely week.. had a few surprises turn up in the mail.. Thanks to you all .. You know who you are.. Mwah!! I lubs you all..

Anyway.. I think I am going to go and check on the boys.. give them some more panadol and crash.. Catch you all soon!


Kylie said...

Hey Don
So glad you liked it sweet!!Just a small way to thanks for the disks!!
So glad you had a lovely B'day!!
Take care
Kylie x

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a fabulous time.

Oh.. and I love The Sienna Rose layout. The pink and yellow looks fabulous.

Kathleen said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day Donna! Got some lovely friends :) Love the LO's too, the bling is gorgeous.


Jill Geraghty-Groves said...

Hey gorgeous girl! I had such a blast up there with you girls! Your layouts look absolutely awesome!! So nice to get to meeting such kindred spirits! Can't wait 'til the next time! Hope you're behaving yourself and I'll be checking up on you girl!

Ann Lederhose said...

Hey Donna. Your layouts turned out fabulously. so great to catch up with you. We'll have to do it again!
Ann xx

Nic said...

Glad you had a lovely bday... gorgeous layouts you did too, hopefully I'll get to the next class! I have sick kiddies too so I know how that feels.. hope they are all better soon! xx

Nicole said...

mmmmm, that cake looks so yummo, but OMG how triple chinny do I look. LOL.

can't wait for bubs to come, getting a few niggling pains but nothing labourish yet. heheheheehehe. so don't stress out.

must run and love ya and leave ya