Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Warning.. Another epic post ...

With lots of pictures..rofl.. I can't help myself.. I loove pics.. lol Anyway escape now if you can..rofl.

Last Thursday the Fire Brigade came to Playgroup.. and we had a big surprise because Win News decided to cover it.. and Unfortunately wanted an interview with me.. not good.. only 10 secs.. but as I told my friends.. I have a head for radio and a voice for silent movies..pmsl.. I wish I could upload it for you all to laugh at and see the kids but I can't figure out how to do it.. Any ideas please let me know.. We are getting a bit famous at PG.. The week before the local news took pics.. last week the local tv what's next..??

But kids are soo funny.. I told Declan that morning that we might be on TV.. and asked if he would like that... 'No' was the answer I got.. 'but why wouldn't you like to be on tv?' I asked.. 'because I want to come out of it Mummy.. I don't want to stay in the TV'. I had to reassure him that it was only going to be his picture on the tv and not him.. he was happy then.. lmao.. You wonder how their minds work hey.

Anyway to the pics. The fireman gave the kids a little talk upstairs and showed them a few safety things etc.. then we went downstairs to see the truck.. of course.. this was the highlight for the kids.. they loved looking over it but you shoulda seen their faces when they were told they could hold the hose.. Now the Fireman kept joking about how the kids could wet the Parents.. yeah right.. well I went to the front side of them to take pics.. when the hose was first turned on this is what I saw.....................

Yep.. Brodie and I got soaked.. and everyone just about fell over laughing.. the fireman assures me that the last person who used the hose hadn't turned it off spray to stream.. somehow.. I am not sure I believe him!! lol

You can see how much Declan enjoyed the hose..

I gave my camera to Rachel to take pics while I had my 'interview'. And she took this pic of me and the boys.. and I actually don't mind it..

I asked Declan and Ebony to stand next to each other and this is what I got.. aren't they cute!!!

On Friday the girls came over for morning tea as usual.. The kids had a ball on the trampoline..

Nicholas and Brodie had the best fun.. jumping around together.
And they started wrestling.. Nicholas who is normally so quiet around other people gave Brodie a run for his money..pmsl.. I got the cutest photos!

but if anyone got hurt.. I just said.. 'kiss and cuddle..make it better' and this is what they did..and the tears magically stopped..
When Brodie had a dirty nappy he refused to come off the trampoline so I decided that the easiest thing to do was climb up there and change him.. Of course Amanda grabbed the camera and got some lovely photos of me climbing up. which I won't inflict on you..pmsl..
But of course Brodie had to have a wrastle... and Amanda got pics of that to.. I have cropped some of the not so pretty bits out but I love this pic of Me and Brodie..

When they wore themselves out the played nicely on the grass.. How cute are they!!
On Sunday Connor had football and the boys played really well.. they are starting to really play like a team and actually running with the ball.. I was helping in canteen but I managed to see Connor have the longest run with the ball I have seen him do yet.. It was mainly across the field and he didn't make much ground..lol.. but at least he was having a really good go..and our team actually won.. Not that they keep score.. Next week is the final game of the season.. No more 7am Sunday mornings.. yeah..am I a bad Mother..lol.
After we got home on Sunday Zoe and the kids came over for a visit.. and the kids were out helping Greg build the last section of the fence.. He had gone to the shed and Brodie and Ella decided they need to find him.. and this is what we saw when we checked on them.
aren't they cute..

they held hands all the way down.. all the way back.. until Ella saw her Mum.. then she decided Mummy was more important..

But Brodie had to help her anyway.. what a little gentleman!!
Well If you made it this far you've done well.. or your just used to me..rofl.. We have Declan's birthday this Friday.. so it is going to be another busy week.. lots of cooking etc.. for his party on Sat.. and Mum and Col are coming up on Friday and staying until Wednesday.. Of course they will be playing golf next week..
Well hope you all have a marvellous week..and don't forget if you are still awake.. please leave a comment.. Don't worry Missy P .. I know you will..pmsl.


MarniT said...

Such cute photos

Kathleen said...

Oh so cute Donna! Absolutely love the photo of Nicholas and Brodie playing together, just adorable :) Sounds like you had a blast at PG - will make some awesome LO's!


Julie said...

Geeez don't look @ bloglines for a few days & 'pow' theres 3 posts...what did u do pull ur finger out? LOL
PMSL how many lists do u make for the week? sheesh.
LOL @ Declan & tv.
Great pic's & phew just reading ur post makes me dizzy chickie.
& hey whats the idea of beating me to scrap?...whats with that?
Speaking of which gorgeous LO'S

Rach said...

Love the photo with the hose he looks SO excited!

Have a great weekend.
Rachie xx

Tam said...

Cute pics Don...but I wanna see you climbing on the tramp :)

TatumW said...

Great pics hun (especially the ones with u in them!)....but I still want to see that TV footage LOL! Love all the LO's, Nic's class looks like it rocked and you did a fantastic job with the WC and I love the Country Boy LO, it turned out awesome. Have a great weekend. xxx

Kylie said...

Gorgeous pics Don!!
Tag your it!!...See my blog!!
Take care