Thursday, 18 September 2008


Well it had to happen sometime.. we got our first dose of Headlice today from school.. yuk... yuk.. YUK.... We have been soo lucky.. never having had it right through Daycare and Kindy.. What a total pain.. but of course boys being boys.. I think he thinks it's pretty cool.. but he did tell me that the stuff smells like poo.. pmsl.. well that's boys for ya.. Hope you are all scratchingyour heads now.. rofl!!


Kathleen said...

Oh you're terrible Donna! Just reading that last comment made my head itch, lol.

And thanks for your comment on my page at The Boxx - always a pleasure visiting your blog, you're a laugh :)


Julie said...

ooooo I like ur new header!!
Sounds like it was a great day.
Bugger about the boys to find it

beaut. layouts lucky to have a day with Jill.
n e ways sweets have a fantastic weekend.

Janine said...

Yep- scratching my head- I hope you now are rid of those ikky little critters!!!

Have a great week!!