Tuesday, 2 September 2008

More Layouts...

Woohoo.. I have done some scrappin.. OK.. here are the two layouts I did at the magnificent Nicole's Class at Scrap'n scrap on Saturday.. It was great fun..

These are the photos taken by the photographer that comes around to the hospital.. Declan would not stop screaming so he let us go to his studio and get the whole family done.. The pictures just matched Nic's gorgeous lo so beautifully .. I just had to change a few bits to fit them all in.. I love it..

This is the single lo we did.. The photos are from when we brought Declan home from hospital.. Another gorgeous lo from Nic.. Simple but effective!
At the class Nicole dared me to scrap my to do list for the week.. As Sheree's WC on the Boxx was for a non person photo.. I was inspired.. Used up some scraps and things I have had sitting there for ages.. and fr the first time ever I really doodled.. and doodled and doodled.. lmao.. Well I figured I had nothing else to do.. rofl.. which is my fav saying at the moment whenever someone suggest I do something or asks me to do something..lol.. Like Nicole suggesting I scrap my to do list..! But I am really happy with the result.. Sheree took the easy way out this week and has put the lo's up for vote.. so we don't find out who wins until Monday.. not that I think I have a chance..the other lo's are just soo gorgeous.. They are such a talented bunch on there..
And this month's BOY from Sheree was 'Style'. Well I don't think I have any..pmsl.. so I did it on Greg instead.. who given a chance would go only buy check shirts, RM's etc.. Well he may not be quite that bad.. but nearly.. lol Used DG's Rip and Stitch and pick Technique. Considering I managed to get two lo's done in one afternoon/night I am really happy with them..
And woohoo.. I am now officially 2 lo's ahead of my 1/week goal..mind you.. I may not be doing much in the next week or so..Oh well. I am happy just to be getting some scrapping done..


Tam said...

Someone ate my last comment, so I will try again :)
She scraps.......woohoo...well done chickee!

Toni said...

Those photos are so sweet Donna!!!!
Can't wait to see them scrapped...