Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A quieter week ..sort

Ok Heaps of pics this week.. Can't help myself loove taking pics.. and surrounded by so many cute Mentioned briefly that Connor went to a birthday party last fortnight.. well was looking through the photos and thought I would put these up...

Obviously you have to lick the icing off first Mum..

Gotta love those big slides.. Well Michael did was kids everywhere at the Crazy Jokers.. which is the local indoor play centre..

Love this pic of Talissa too..

Then we had another birthday party the following weekend at the PCYC Bike park..
Brodie loved checking out Declan's bike .. but wasn't quite game to ride it..

The only pics of Connor I got he was zooming past!!

And Declan is soo proud of himself.. look mum no
Connor and Declan had a great time.. and Greg took Poppy half way to Mackay to meet my brother Shane so he could take Poppy the rest of the way.. Of course Brodie had to go with them.. He does not like to let Daddy out of his sight after his week away.. and all I hear all day is 'Daddy.. Home.' But they stopped in when they got back.. and Brodie got to have some cake.. the important bit for a 2 yr old.. lol
So many birthdays.. and of course we are coming into our Birthday months.. I have finally started getting organised for the boys parties.. Found the most fantastic website online.. Couldn't find anything I really wanted here for party favours etc.. and they have it all.. gotta love one stop shopping.. and the service was fantastic.. You soo need to check it out if you need anything for a party.. adult or child.. Now I just gotta wait for my goodies to arrive.. soo love not having to run around town just to get frustrated..lo..
Been fairly busy with Playgroup stuff.. as usual.. had the local paper send a photographer last week.. so we will see how many photos get into the paper.. luckily they were all of the kids. And got a call today to say that the local win news team may come tomorrow as we have the fire brigade coming for a visit.. hmm.. wonder where I can Haven't been able to warn my Mum's so lets hope none of them get cranky with me cause they didn't put their makeup
Last weekend we also had Cees, Sandra and the boys over for dinner.. It was a bit sad because they are heading off on hols and then back to the Netherlands in Oct.. So of course I had to get a family the boys weren't too cooperative.. but Mum and Dad had

And this is what I got when I asked Marnix to smile.. Cheeky monkey....

It really was a good night.. We will miss them!

Oh and one last kiddie little Sam.. what a smile.. and for family.. yep that is our old rocker.. We have passed it on to of course I had to get heaps of pics.. Al three my boys have had similar pics in

Ok nearly finished.. actually did some scrappin today.. first time in a fortnight.. I made a card for one of my Playgroup Mum's whose B'day it is tomorrow.. got this cool idea from the wonderful Missy P (Tam) off the Boxx.. so quick and easy but so effective.. well I like
And finally used the spray painted transparencies for DG's TC on the Boxx. not sure I love the lo.. but the transparencies came out really cool..

OK.. enough for now.. had quite a few late nights.. so I am going to try and be asleep by Got heaps coming up.. Connor's got a disco tomorrow night.. another class with the lovely Nic on Sat.. Declan's b'day to prepare for.. Oh well.. at least I am never
Hope you are all well... Donna xx


Tam said...

Love the pic of the icing of course thats how one eats cake, heehee!
Great pics chickee...and your card looks great, they are super easy hey! Love Me xxxxxxxx

Nic said...

Wow, what a busy time you've been having... gott love good photo opportunities!! Enjoy the class on Saturday, I'd love to be there :-( Can't wait to check out the brilliant pages she comes up with!

Kathleen said...

You're all go go go arnt you Donna! Dont know how you do it ;) Love the picky of Michael on the slide, too cute.

Oh, and the LO, so bright! Love what you've done with the transparencies :)

Julie said...

Icing & pressies are the most important part...
Looks like they had a ball.
Little Sam is gorgeous!
No rest for the wicked my lovely!
Have a great weekend if i don't get to catch up with ya

Lesli said...

I love you kindergarten LO - so vibrant and colorful. Just perfect!