Friday, 15 August 2008

Some More Layouts..

Ok I know I haven't uploaded for a while.. been a little hectic round here.. so I have decided I am going to do my scrappin tonight and hopefully will bombard you with heaps of piccies from the last couple of weeks over the weekend..
This is Ali's Sketch Challenge for this month.. I did it on the silly little song I made up for the boys.. Started when Connor was little and has evolved to what it is now.. anyway.. I tried out the gorgeous DG's technique of using Felt over chipboard.. so I painted the heart and heart with wings gold and then covered them with Dimensional magic.. and put the felt on top.. I love the way it came out..also cracked the dimensional magic by gently bending the wings as well to give it a little more texture.. Also painted the title and used some rub-ons I had over the top.. Oh and the buttons I have had in my cupboard forever.. see I do keep junk for a reason! lol

This was last weeks Challenge by the beautiful Mardi.. You had to use chipboard (cute) a vertical title (Murphy) and rub ons.. (the little white swirls on the pics.) Had great fun doing this one..

OK this is the photo swap I did ... These are pics of one of the girls off the Boxx's gorgeous Daughter.. She sent me 4 stunning pics and I didn't want them competing with each other so I did a double lo.. with two pics on transparency.. and then mad eit so they flipped out and the other two were underneath.. Used some of my swirls I beaded and and painted the title with Nail polish.. Knew I had pink there for a think it all came together nicely and my partner said she was happy with it.. which is the main thing..
The top layers

And this is the gorgeous layout she did for me in return.. of our trip on the Spring Bluff train ride during the Toowoomba Flower Festival.. I just love what she has done with it.. and that train is just tooo cute!

OK.. It's late and I'm tired.. so I am going to bed now.. Promise I will update all the family stuff this weekend.. I promise!!


Nic said...

You've done some gorgeous layouts there Donna... can't wait to see the others!
Unfortunately I'll miss Nic's next class, we have to go away that weekend :-( Will definately try and make the next one though!

Rach said...

You have been busy Donna!

The layout you did from Ali's sketch is wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by - I have no idea what I am doing :o)

Kathleen said...

Whoa Donna! So many LO's...ok, where do I start!

Loved the first one on The Boxx, love it here - the colours, the felt, just beautiful.

The second - oh thats just too cute, waht a laugh.

The third - the colours are gorgeous, the beading beautiful.

And the one done for you, yep, love th train....

Phew, ok, all done!


Leeann said...

hey HB... so love that you have been scrapping up a storm.... i think you aced it on shona double lo too...well done....loving all your work...keep it up!!! mwah!!!