Saturday, 16 August 2008

Well Here 'tis..

I know I have been very slack.. I have been asked a few time when I am going to update.. and here I am finally getting it done.. mind you its only been a couple of weeks.. I don't get it.. out life is pretty dull..but I have got some cute

Like this one of Brodie.. wiht his friends.. Alphie - the sheet, Spidie.. the purple spider.. and Gi ga the Tiger he got a Dreamworld.. This is how he likes to watch tv.. If he's not on someone's lap.. he gets his toys and his fold out couch.. and gets comfy.. Oh and don't forget we gotta get our pillow too!! lol.. too cute..

And of course Declan too has his little friends.. Binkie - The blanket, Hippo, and Thomas the Tiger from Dreamworld.. as you can tell they are both Tommy Tum tuckers.. as we call em.. really don't know how I am going to get that thumb out of Declan's mouth.. mind you he is getting better.. Tending to use it more now when he is tired or upset.

Brodie loves to help out.. here he is bringing the Bread in from the car.. it got a little squashed..but he got it there..rofl He now helps unstack the dishwasher.. puts things in the rubbish and puts things away.. Gets a little pedantic sometimes too.. don't know where he gets that

Sat night a fortnight ago we decided to have a little get together with some of the usual mischief makers.. lol.. It was a great night.. as usual.. Everyone brought a dish of yummy food.. Mind you Adrian brought some curry that made me step back just opening the lid.. Did not enjoy the effects of that on Greg I can tell you!! lol. Greg also got very adventurous and dug out our camp oven.. Did some rather spicy sausages in the ground.. Luckily there was edible food around that didn't burn your tongue off for me and the Anyway here are some of the pics I took..

My gorgeous little man Sam.. He is such a cutie.. and he always goes to sleep for pity he wasn't always so nice to his poor Mummy!!

Brodie and Nicholas are really starting to play with each other.. After a little discussion about sharing the ball they had a great time throwing it to each other.. We have noticed even at Playgroup that after most people are gone and it starts to quieten down they can often be found copying each other, spinning around, jumping, waving .. that sort of thing.. It is just too cute!

And here is Amanda's beautiful bump.. She hasn't taken any pics for a while so of course I had to make her come inside and pose.. I mean you gotta get pics when you are gorgeously glowing don't ya!!

Now don't try this at home kids but Adrian decided to try riding Connor's Scooter down the slippery slide.. anyway he came to a spectacular end at the bottom.. and the poor scooter is now minus one luckily Connor doesn't go fast enough to need one.. There's always one isn't there.. If we didn't luv him we'd probably smack him..rofl.

Luckily this is where the kids were while the stunt man was at work.. So they didn't get any ideas.. thankfully.. Poor Kyle was so tired he crashed within minutes.. How he managed to sleep with the noise going on is beyond

And I couldn't resist showing off this pic.. Aren't they cute.. Bonnie and Nicholas having a cuddle!!

Ok so what else has been happening.. Well I have been flat out as usual with Playgroup and the boys.. and Greg was away for most of that week.. which always makes life that little more difficult. Luckily he was home all this week. The boys do miss him. We have nearly cracked 50 families in our playgroup.. So there is always something to do.. But we have rearranged a few things so that now some of the Mum's are helping .. I am learning to delegate.. aren't I good. Anyway I think it is great that everyone is getting so involved. We have just had our 5th new baby I think.. and they've all been boys.. we now have Mum's due every month right up until about Feb next year.. Hopefully we'll get some girls in there too.. But I am getting queries nearly every week.. and most of them keep coming back .. so hopefully we must be doing something right!

As Declan is now home more he and Brodie have started to go down to collect the mail together when we get home from swimming and Playgroup.. They are soo cute.. holding hands and sharing the mail to bring back.. This pic was taken after playgroup.. Brodie' pants were too dirty to put back on him and I think it is such a cute look..rofl..

Poppy has been here for a couple of weeks as well.. Supposedly resting after being in Hospital for a week with his Diabetes.. but he has managed to dig the garden and plant a heap of vegies for us.. as well as cooking every day.. You just can't tell him!

The girls are loving his cooking though.. I have been having a few friends over on a Friday Morning for a coffee and a chat. A chance to catch up when it is not as hectic as it is at playgroup.. The kids play and we have a good old natter.. Gonna miss Poppy's Pikelets next week though.. they might expect me to make em My one morning of the week I don't have to go anywhere.. or rush around and do anything.. love it. Poppy won a couple of hearts too..

Love this pic of him and Sam.. sure the are chatting about something..

And Ella did not hesitate to give big cuddles.. She is just soo adorable.

The boys have loved having Poppy down.. We have to keep reminding them to be a little careful with him.. but Brodie loves lying all over him.. and of course the others could never resist a play.. He heads back tomorrow .. It will certainly be quiet around here.. The boys are really going to miss him.. Declan has even crawled into bed with him a couple of times.. Seeing as Daddy is home and he's not allowed to sleep with Poor thing.. whether it is an afternoon nap or night time sleep he loves ot hold someones hand.. Yep even with Poppy.. he rolled over and grabbed his hand and went straight back to sleep.. too cute..
Greg and Poppy took the two big boys fishing this morning.. Connor is soo proud he caught the only fish they could keep.. for Poppy caught something little that had to get thrown back.. so of course Mummy had to take a Unfortunately Poppy has been trying to catch Yabbies with the boys at various places for the last two weeks without success.. but they've had fun trying.

Cherie has now joined Tanya and I on a Wed morning to do a bit of destressing and creating.. here we are with our spray paint playing with DG's Technique challenge off the Boxx.. The lawn is a pretty colour now..pmsl..

Well you wanted an update.. so you got one.. told you it's been a busy couple of weeks.. all this throw in couple of fluey kids and a sick Mum.. Poppy, Birthday parties, football, Greg being away.. I think I need a week's sleep.. lol. If you made it this far.. you must be family..pmsl.. Hope you all have a great weekend.. and will try and update a bit sooner next


Kathleen said...

Wow you have been busy! Looks like you had a wonderful time, got some beautiful family shots - lots of inspiration to scrap!

Tam said...

LOL...It looks like Poppy hates the attention from the boys....NOT!
Some great family shots there Dons....the boys are sooo cute, and growing sooo fast!
I look forward to seeing them on some LOs very soon xxxxxxxxxxxx

Tara Ward said...

It amazes me how hectic your life is Dons!! Great family pics, and great artwork!!
Tara xx

Julie said...

About time girly!!!
Haven't been busy have u...... Exhausted just reading it.
Great pic's...So funny how they sleep through noise & other times they're awake @ the drop of a pin.
Hey the spay is pretty effective for the 'thumbs' Zahlee hated it... I just wasn't consistant enough. lol
WOW 50 families...thats a huge playgroup! sounds like a success!
Cute mailmen.
Poppy's sure a popular! yep they'll want the piklets.
Beautiful lo's....get going girly...MORE MORE MORE!...u know when ur not doing everything
.....sheesh I rave on hey! LOL

Rach said...

Now THAT is a post!

I am still in shock after seeing the scooter down the slippery dip shot!
Boys lol!

Have a great week.
Rachie x