Saturday, 2 August 2008

You gotta check this out.

Just a quick note cause I wanted to tell all you scrappers to check out this blog.. this is my gorgeous friend Leeann (DG). On eof the most talented girls I know. And now she is going to share some of her cool ideas with the rest of us.. just because she is soo noice.. Can you tell I adore so get on here and have a look .. You'll be glad you did!!


Leeann said...

so here i am visiting you and you are posting this for me..... thanks my beautiful friend!!!!! means alot to know i have some lookers out there..and yep you are one of!!!!

Julie said...

thanks for the link chickie :D
so hows about a real update?

Tara Ward said...

Hi at Conners mean mummy comment!!
I got the CD's back...thanks heaps! Talk soon
Tara xx