Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Life is just geting too

Well.. Since I blogged last week it has been busy as usual.. Last Thursday night we had a Father's day concert at Connor's School.. It was so sweet they did a movie of what the kids liked about their Dad.. and sung them a song.. it was so sweet.. Connor said he loved it when Daddy took him fishing, played and watched Football with him..

Here are the boys with Greg wearing the lovely Tie Connor made for him.

Then it was Declan's 4th Birthday on Friday.. Made all the more special because Granny Sunt and Poppy Col came up for the weekend. We had a lovely party at the park on Saturday morning with all our friends.. he had a great morning and was very impressed with all the pressies he got. And the kids loved the balloons.. and the adults had a great time making balloon animals..etc.. but of course the kids just loved the

Declan at his party.. with his 'sword'! lol

The Pinata was a hit but after the kids all had about 4 goes each it took the Dad's to finally bust it..pmsl..

The Cake was a hit and of course Declan was surrounded by the

On Sunday of course it was Father's Day. Declan and Brodie had made presents for Daddy as well.. and we gave him a bait box and fishing belt shows how much I know and a pair of Bronco's Boxers.. As Greg is an early bird he got up and made us breakfast... mean hey.. but I'm afraid there is no way I can get up early enough to give him brekkie in bed.. and we had to leave the house by 8!.

Declan's Tie he made at PG.. and the pic and card he made at DC.

The inside of his card.

Brodie's Badge and poem he gave Daddy.. soo cute!

Connor played Football and then we went to the park for Father's Day. I tried to get some nice Father's Day pic's but of course .. boys will be boys.. lol

No Children were harmed in the taking of this picture..rofl!

Finally a nice one!

Granny and the boys!

Connor had his first go at riding his bike without training wheels. He is still a little scared but at last it was a start!

Brodie has no fear of course.. and loves having a try at the scooter. He can do a few hops on his own before he falls

Granny thought she would have a go at Connor's bike.. I think Poppy was going to give her a helpful shove..pmsl..

But she had great fun on Declan's new Scooter..rofl..

Connor was very proud of himself when he came home with his first achievement award on Monday.. They give one out to a kid in every class each week at assembly.. I missed it unfortunately but was told he stood up the front of the school grinning from ear to ear. He got it for doing so well saying his prayer at Prayer Assembly on Friday. Don't you love that gappy grin!!

Tuesday night the boys loved getting Granny to read them stories.. I sat there taking pic after pic.. even photographing feet and until even Brodie looked at me and said..'Mummy Stop it!' rofl.. Oh well.. a Mum's gotta do what a Mum's gotta do.. and yo know I love piccies!

Poppy is always saying 'I'm good with Kiddies'..rofl.. I think the look on his face when Brodie crawled up on he couch next to him says it all!!

Now my Mum has always hated cats.. but she was sitting in Greg's seat.. and Murphy does like sitting on Greg's He never quite got there..pmsl.. so Mum and Col swapped seats..

Murphy was happy.. pmsl..

Well I actually scrapped Sheree's WC today.. Will upload a pic soon.. I actually did a baby photo of me..
Well I think I have rambled on enough.. get to go to a Jill Geraghty-Groves Class on Saturday.. after Connor's Footy finals morning.. Looking forward to that.. and to seeing Nicole again and meeting Ann off the Boxx..

Oh and I won last Months BOY with my Lo of Greg.. 'Country Boy'! Woohoo More free stuff from the Boxx.. Ok .. I'm going now.. Hope you all had a great Father's Day.. and are having a great week.


Rach said...

Great Daddy's day photos - love the quote about no children being harmed lol!

Nic said...

You got some great pics in that day!!! You did so well on the cake too, looks great!! Declan looks so much like you...
Won't be there Saturday unfortunately :-( I didn't really know about it and then when I did it was too late.. DH is working and we also have holidays starting Friday so I'm pretty busy.. will drop in and say hi to you and Nicole though if I get a chance and get over that way. Have fun!!!

Kim G said...

Love the photos Donna!

Leeann said...

hey there no really you woman you have been busy busy bee.... oh and I just want to say are rocking those beads girl....especially that red it!!!

Kathleen said...

ROFL - love the photo with DS3 upside down, too funny!!!

Looks like fathers day was a roaring success. I know you mentioned 3 boys is a handful, but gosh they look like a bundle of fun!