Monday, 8 September 2008

Some more creations..

Here is some of the creations I have made recently.

I love the way this one has turned out.. a little more time consuming.. but so cute..

Here are the beads I made for Emma for our Rainbow swap on the Boxx..

Th felt shapes I did for Nicole..

and the beads.. I can't wait to see what the girls do with them!! Haven't made any for me Having fun making them and I am starting to experiment with different things.. I anyone knows of any websites that I might get ideas from I'd love to know..Hope you all had a good weekend!


Tam said...

They look great Don....I sill havent used mine yet...getting there :)xxxxxxxxxxxx

Kathleen said...

Oh wow Donna! Love them! People will be lining up to be your swap partner.....behind me of course ;P


Nicole said...

mmmm love those leaves too Donna. finished a page with the swirl on it, you'll just have to wait until Sat to see it though. LOL. Planning on having a little more of a play when I get off here.


Nic said...

They all look fantastic!! Did you cut those felt shapes by hand? that beading work looks so time consuming... lucky girls!!!

Julie said...

oooo wow they look fantastic chickie. I'd be needing glasses by now...LOL
Yeh how'd u do the felt swirls? ....c'mon spill!
....Y did ya tag me for?? not worthy!

Vicki said...

Your beading is just gorgeous!! Lovely.