Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Up to date!!!

Whew! This is my last update.. Are you still with This week it has been raining non stop.. so the boys and I are going a little stir crazy in the house.. but it is great for the grass.. and the Wallabies.. and thank God for the
The boys now have their Worm farms they got for Christmas set up and if they hver leave them still long enough they may just see some worms one And Declan caught a Rhino beetle last weekend so he and Daddy set up an old fish tank as a home and it is now in his room.. Oh I dread to see what else that boy is going to bring home as he gets
Yesterday I took Connor and Declan shopping and Declan is now the proud owner of his first School uniform and backpack. Prep next year..woohoo. It was so funny buying him a port. He wanted one that had camoflage on it.. but when he put it on it was twice as wide and nearly as long as he I managed to convince him to get a smaller one.. I told him the little Phone holder on the straps would be good to put a little toy he thought that was fantastic!!
So we have started preparations for school next year.
A special thank you to Uncle Warwick and Auntie Tanya for the Roary drawing board you gave Brodes for Christmas.. This is what he did to himself last night instead of
It is on his sheets, his walls and even after being scrubbed is still all over Little rabbit!
Today while I did a few things and worked on my pics etc Connor and Declan decided it would be fun to play out in the rain.. though that wasn't wet enough so they had to use the hose as well.. As if our yard is soaked enough with the 7 inches of rain we have had since Monday. Anyway they had a great time and when they came in they were all excited cause they had a frog, which they named 'Roak'... lol. Supposedly they had saved it from a heap of ants and wanted to keep him. I convinced them that wasn't such a good idea and they agreed to put him back outside as long as I took a photo and printed it for them so they wouldn't miss him too
Well.. Off to Crazy Jokers in the morning to see if we can get rid of some of their energy and then I have to clean up this house ready for our friends to come over tomorrow night..
So I think I will sign off now.. go and clean the kitchen and then take the lappy to bed to have a play on
Have a wonderful New Years Eve everyone and I hope 2010 brings you all you could hope for.
♥ Donna

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