Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Well I am finally getting in to update the blog .. One day I will manage to keep it up to date. Greg was away a fair bit before Christmas so I ended up with the boys in bed with me a few I couldn't help but take this pic... Aren't they cute.. My pair of Tommy Tumb Tuckers!! Wish they were always this quiet and adorable..pmsl..
On the 5th of Dec Rocky held 'Fire in the Sky'. We decided to go up to Mt Archer to check it out and I wanted to try and get some pics.. It was a little far away but they are kinda artistic.. aren't they?
The following Tuesday I went along to Kindy to help the kids make some reindeer biccies.. I was watching Declan in the garden when he spotted a lizard.. he crept up on it and I have never seen a kid move so fast.. he actually caught it! He is definately our little Declan Attenborough!

The Wednesday was his last day.. It was a fun morning but sad too.. They sang some songs and danced for the parents and got to bring home a big bag of different things they had made through the year.. Declan loved Miss Tina and Mrs Van Heck and they will certainly be missed.. they are both wonderful and caring women and He was certainly lucky to have them! He is going to miss his friends too but luckily some of them are continuing on to School with him..

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