Wednesday, 30 December 2009


We had a quiet Christmas this year.. As Greg has been away so much we decided we would just stay home. And it was extra quiet as it is the first year without Poppy. So there was a lot less food in the But we did miss him heaps.. something just wasn't the same..

Carien came over on the Thursday and the boys made their biccies for Santa.. I had to make em choose one each to leave for Santa otherwise they would've eaten the

We then went to a neighbours house for a sausage sizzle with a few of the other families in the street. And were very surprised to see we had one the streets best lights comp.. We didn't even know they had one.. there is a trophy and It was great kicking back, having a few drinks and a chat.. but the boys kept asking to come home to bed so Santa would Pity they weren't that keen all year round.

So we came home and put the Biccies and beer out and the Reindeers carrots and water.. as well as Santa's special key to get in. The boys insisted on putting the carrots next to the decorative Reindeers we had outside the front door.. So they could eat them

After the boys went to bed the fun began.. putting the pressies under the tree and sorting out the stockings.. Luckily no pressies to be made this year..

Surprisingly Declan and Brodie slept in on Christmas morning. So Connor was very patient and helped Daddy do some things around the house while he waited..

Greg suggested that he might like to tidy his room and Connor's comeback was 'That's not in the Christmas Spirit Daddy!' I have to say I agreed with him.. lol.. Greg went out the front and our lawn was covered in wallabies.. so he decided to take some pics. The poor things have been soo hungry that they have been all over our street looking for food..

When they finally woke up the boys attacked their Stockings from Santa.. they loved the Slime and Balloon helicopters he had brought.

We then had a yummy Ham and eggs Brekkie and got dressed then Connor got to play Santa and read out the cards on the pressies under the tree.

They got very spoilt as usual.. New Wii games and controllers from Santa, as well as a totem Tennis game.. lots of books, a popcorn maker, a biccie maker, dinosaur stuff, craft kits, cars, gift vouchers, money etc etc etc..

Greg got the 12th Man Cd Pack and the Latest ACDC collection and I got Wii Fit.. so I gonna have to get myself moving next year. I also got a gorgeous Secret Santa pressie from one of the Boxx girls and we got more gift cards. So we were all very lucky.. To all those that sent presents thank you soo much.. they are really appreciated and the boys are having a great time with them!

Dylan, Carien and the boys came over mid morning and we had a lovely day with lots of food, good company and a few drinkies..
Unfortunately poor Joshua got Gastro that night so of course Greg came down with it on Boxing Day and Brodes followed that night.. Thankfully it didn't last long and the rest of us managed to avoid it.
We hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas and Santa made your dreams come true.

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