Wednesday, 9 December 2009

November Update

On the 12th of November we had our Playgroup Christmas party at Cooberrie Park. The boys loved it. We went out on the bus which was exciting in itself as it was their first bus trip.Then they had a great time feeding all the kangaroos and wallabies and checking out all the other animals. Brodie was a little shy about touching them but Declan jumped straight in.. Patting anything he could get his hands on and had no qualms in holding the rather large snake!.. I was really proud of him.
They also got very excited when Santa turned up to hand out all the pressies.. It really was a lovely morning.

Murphy has taken to occasionally jumping up on the boys beds for a pat and a cuddle at night time. Unfortunately when he gets into Brodes or Declan's room we quite often hear.. 'Daaad..Muuum.. Murphy's too loud.. can you take him away'..Lol.. but Connor does love a cuddle.. and a so here he is with the purring puss!

Connor had his last game of Touch Football on the 14th. Love some of the photos I get of the kids.. and I couldn't resist taking this pick of my three boys having a cuddle while Connor was on the sidelines.. See they can be nice to each other..

As you would know we had the lots of bushfires here in Oct. We were fine but our friend Dylan had to come and stay and we kitty sat their pregant cat Lexie for a week.. It was interesting .. She is a tiny little thing and had our big cats bluffed. Anyway.. two days after going home Lexie had her kittens. Aren't they just soooo cute.. the boys love em. And are always nagging at me to take em to Carien and Dylan's to see the kittens.. or if Carien brings Josh and Ethan over Declan wants to know if the kittens are coming We did end up kitty sitting again when Dylan and Carien went on hols. I miss my kitties now.. they soo cute and cuddly..

But we have enough animals around here without any including this gorgeous Wallaby and her Joey that was snacking on our front lawn a few afternoons in a row.. Just goes to show how dry it is around here. Couldn't resist the pics.

On the 26th St Joey's had their presentation night. All the classes put on a performance so I took Connor along. Luckily my gorgeous friend Amanda babysat Declan and Brodie as Greg was away. Connor's class did really well with their song 'The 12 days of Xmas'. And I had to take pics of Chase, Pypa and Millie in their little outfits. Aren't they just the cutest.

That weekend we had Greg's Christmas party at 1770. I was so looking forward to a weekend away as Greg has been away with quite a bit lately. But things didn't quite turn out as we expected. We got there friday night and I ended with gastro and spent all day Sat in bed.. Managed to take a few pics of the boys from my balcony but that was it. The we got a call from friends of ours letting us know that Tom.. a really good friend of ours in Highfields.. was finally succumbing to cancer. So Greg jumped in the car and drove to see him. I stayed behind with the kids and was so grateful to Vanessa, one of the girls Greg works with, for all her with with the boys on Sat night and Sunday.. then we got a lift home with George.. another workmate. Luckily the boys were fairly well behaved so he was still sane when we got here.. I

Greg got home Sunday arvo just in time to come to Declan's Kindy Christmas party. So it really wasn't the best weekend.

And can you believe I forgot to take my camera to the Kindy Party..

Anyway it is late.. so I will leave it at that..will update more soon.. Hope you are all well..

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