Tuesday, 22 December 2009

We'll Miss You Tom!

On the 30th of November the world lost one of the good guys.. Tom Scotney lost his battle with cancer after only 8 mths at the age of 53.
Tom and Clare started out as our neighbours in Highfields and by the time we left 5 years later they were two of our closest friends. Looking through my photos I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.. remembering all the wonderful times we had together.. Card games, drunken charades, dress up parties, New Years Eve cocktail parties, Friday night football, Barbecues, Holidays together.. and the list goes on.. They were there to celebrate the births of our boys.. and those boys loved 'Uncle' Tom sooo much.

It was hard enough leaving Highfields and our friends behind but now knowing that Tom isn't there to visit is just heartbeaking..

We will miss him so much.. miss the opportunities to have more fun, I will miss our debates.. His smile, his friendship. I didn't get to say goodbye so this is my little way of saying

'goodbye Tom.. we love you and will miss you so much'

All my love... Donna ♥

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