Sunday, 4 July 2010

Ok so July has to be better..lmao

On the 10th the boys had their first school disco for the year and Declan's first ever. It was a Masquerade Disco so we rushed home from school and the boys made some pretty cool masks. They had a ball and when I wanted to take photos Connor had to stand sideways so you could see his cool design on his Jacket..lmao.

What a pair of

Then on the Queen's Birthday weekend I headed off to Brisbane to catch up with friends and go to the Papercrafts Expo. Had a great weekend.. stayed with Tori and Clare came down from Toowoomba. Was soo good to see them both. I hadn't seen Clare since Tom died and it was soo good to give her a big hug! 

I got down on Fri and was picked up by the gorgeous Mary off the Boxx and her friend Leanne.. We got to do a little shopping at DFO. It was lovely to finally meet Mary in person.

Clare and I went to the Expo on the Sat and I was able to finally meet IRL some of the wonderful ladies of the Boxx as well as catch up with some old friends. Would've liked to have spent more time with them but it was so hectic.. 

Clare and I had a great time checking out the stalls and spending just a little

That night Clare, Tori and I  had a few wines and did lots of Well we had a lot of catching up to do..lmao

On Sunday we then hit the shops. Bought some cheap clothes.. gotta love a sale... and spoilt myself with some gorgeous candles.. Would've been a perfect day cept I had managed to leave my Credit card at the Bottle-O the day before so we had to rush back and get it.. Sorry But we made up for it by heading to another shopping centre near Lauren's place (Clare's Daughter) so it was easy for her to pick her up.

Tori and I then spent another night chatting.. It really has been too long.

Meanwhile Greg took the boys and some friends to Humpy island for a camping weekend in the boat. 3 Men and 5 boys.. so glad I was in Brisbane. lmao..

They had a great time.. fishing, camping and doing all that male bonding stuff.

Humpy is very beautiful and the boys got to eat fish on the first night as another group of campers donated the two large ones in the pic. All the boys did end up catching fish all be it small ones. Brodie's is on the bottom.. he wouldn't hold unfortunately Greg didn't get any pics of Declan's. And Connor had his line broken a couple of times by some whoppers. They also got to wander through the reef at low tide looking at the coral and found some Scallops to cook up.

Now for the bad.. lol.. yep you knew there had to be some hey.

On the first night Greg tied up the boat to a tree and got up the next morning to find it well and truly beached.. Luckily the other campers were able to help pull it off with their boat. So on Sunday night he just anchored it. And the weather turned really nasty.. Monday morning he and Brodes got up early and went down to check on it. But there was no boat!! Brodie's comment was.. 'Daddy you lost the boat cause you left it in the water..' lmao..

So he jumped in the other campers boat and off they went to see if they could find it.. and find it they did.. left high and dry on the rocks of Great Keppel Island.. typical hey.. the poor thing had only been in the water about 4 times.

So they had to get the ferry to pick them all up to get them back home. Greg was rather embarrassed and upset as you can imagine.

The Coast Guard were unable to get near it for a few days because of the weather but when they finally were able to Greg managed to salvage some of the fishing gear.. He lost some rods...including the rod Poppy had give Brodie..and Poppy's Tackle box.. that was the only thing that upset me.. all the rest is easily replaced on insurance..

So the insurance company eventually recovered the boat.. which was totally trashed.. huge hole in the hull and and dents and scratches all over it. So another one is on order and Greg has to wait 6 weeks for another boat..

I got the phone call about this just before I boarded the plane in Brissie.. and I just didn't know what to think.. I mean I don't want to sound negative but it was kind of a, well just add it to the list, after the last few months. When I told Tori her reply was.. 'July Donna, July will be better..' Oh do I dare to

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Leanne said...

OMG>>>>... esp about the boat.. wow what a tale.. thats a super fishing one .. that i'm sure Greg wont be telling too many people about.>LOL... but i'm so glad you had a good time in brissy.. was great to meet you aswell...and totally agree was hectic....