Friday, 9 July 2010


That boy of mine is getting far too smart for his own good..

Carien and I are going to see Eclipse on Sunday and I was supposed to go and get cheap tickets from RACQ this arvo but got there too late. Talked to Carien and we decided to go anyway.. So I told her to send me her Cinebuzz card by text so I could order the tickets.

Anyway.... Connor was playing a game on my phone and when I sent him to bed and got my phone back i got a text from Carien.. saying what a shame we couldn't go.. and she would see me next week.. so of  course I sent one back saying what about Sunday? and she replied but you just said you couldn't go! What the......I was soo confused so after a bit of investigating I discovered this conversation on my phone..

Carien.. 'Movie Card no........ See ya Sunday! :)
Me.. 'Can't go. :('
Carien.. 'Aw no! What's Wrong? Would sat night be better?'
Me.. 'NO'
Me..'I got there too late! :('

That's when I go the phone back.. I was beginning to think I had a haunted phone!! then I realised Connor had answered for me!  Little rat!

What am I gonna do with that kid!! I don't know whether to be cranky or PMSL!

Well Rach is here and Tanya is on her way so I am actually going to scrap.. Have a great weekend all!

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