Sunday, 4 July 2010

The end of June..

Well the end of June was not as drastic as the first few weeks.. Connor has had some trouble at school.. but we are finally getting that under control and he really is starting to behave.. Cross fingers it keeps up! His end of Semester report card wasn't the greatest.. not that he doesn't have the ability.. just very lacking in motivation.. Hopefully we have some things in place now and at the end of the year he will get the report card he is capable of.

Connor has also started Tae Kwondo.. and doing ok too. He is really enjoying it and we have just ordered him his special uniform so he is very excited. He wants Mummy to do it with him.. lol.. I mean I do just sit there and watch each week.. just not sure I am willing to make that much of a fool of Not that it wouldn't be good for

Each week on a Friday one class leads the school in a liturgy and this week was Declan's class first turn. They all did so well.. no real nerves And of course Declan got up and did his prayer like he had been public speaking for didn't even need any help from Mr Carrington to remember his lines.
He is so growing up.. starting to read and doing very well at school. His report card was really very good.. and with the changes coming in to the prep curriculum next term I think it will just get better.  He also got invited to a couple of birthday parties as well.. One at Hungry Jacks and one at the Crazy Joker.

And both of them were for girls he's a ladies 

Was mucking around with my camera one day and took these pics of Leon..

Isn't he turning into the most gorgeous little man.. Can't believe he will be one soon.. and he has just started walking. Tanya is so upset he is growing up so

Brodes is also growing up so quickly.. can't believe he will be 4 soon. He loves helping Mum cook these days.. now that he doesn't have his brothers to compete with every day.

We were making some biccies and he loves to tell me how he gonna be a chef like Poppy.. but he wanted to know if the biccies we were making were for Poppy.. I told him no.. cause Poppy can't eat our biccies anymore.. 'That's ok' he says.. 'We can still eat em'

He is getting to be a real Mummy's boy.. wants to be with me all the time and has even started getting upset when I drop him off at daycare.. so hope that doesn't last too long.. lol. He is such a good boy when his brothers aren't around.. then the attitude really kicks in when they are.. sigh. also hope that doesn't last too long either..lmao! ..

School Holidays have begun.. it is so nice not to have to rush around but I do miss having a The boys have been pretty good and we have been visiting friends and playing around home a lot.. Only one week to

We took them to see Shrek 3- Forever After on Thursday afternoon.. and we all loved it..

I had to laugh on Friday.. The boys were told by Daddy that if they behaved and got in and cleaned up the yard so he could mow they could watch the Bronco's with him.. Well... they did it.. and the patio too.. with no arguments.. I was so proud.. But I told Connor to put any toys that need fixing on the Patio table for Daddy.. and as one of our large heavy wooden chairs has lost a screw.. he put that up on the table as well..pmsl... Unfortunately Daddy was not home till late so they couldn't watch the Bronco's with him but I gave them a pick from the treat box.. Brodie got a jigsaw, Declan got a 3D Shark book with a cd rom.. which he loves and Connor got a book on experiments.. so we have floating eggs, electrical conductors and invisible ink

Anyway prob bored you Greg took the boys to the park this morning as he has been away with work so much lately and I am not sure who wore who out.. the boys won't go for an arvo nap and Greg is snoring his head At least I got the chance to catch up on this..

Hope you are all enjoying your school hols..

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Leanne said...

hey you.. so sorry that i havent been leaving you some loving esp after asking where the heck everyon is on your stories.. and love the los.. she scrapps..yay..yay.. and awesome photos.. wow.. and just wow... so thanks for your loving and i'll stalk more..LOL..