Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Oh What a week...

The Flu has hit us... Connor is hacking, Greg is sniffling.. and I have been hit by a Mack Truck.. of course.. it just a virus.. so nothing we can do... sigh.. Hate being sick.

Went scrapping at Julie's place last Friday.. managed to get one LO done.. I am on a role! lol.. Will upload when I actually remember to take a pic..hehe..

Connor has been having some difficulty at school again.. so that is causing us stress.. Hopefully we are on the way to getting that boy sorted out!

As you can see same old same old around here..

Have to write down a conversation I had with Brodes earlier tonight..

Brodes:- "Mummy, When we gonna die like Poppy?
Me:- "Not for a long time darl"
Brodes:- "awww" (pouting)
Me:- "We don't wanna die yet"
Brodes:- "But I wanna die like Poppy, I miss him and I wanna die so I can go visit him"

What do ya say.. I thought maybe Greg had mentioned Poppy earlier but he hadn't.. this had just come into his little mind! My darling baby boy...

He has been rather clingy lately.. always sticking by my side when we go out.. and every morning I wake up to find him curled up next to me..lol.. Lucky for him I love little boy cuddles first thing..lol

Hope you are all well!

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