Friday, 28 May 2010

What a Month!!

Well April ended as a real shocker.. I was sooo glad when it was over.. now what happened..

Well... my gorgeous friend Rach ended up in hospital.. very ill.. and was in and out for a couple of weeks.. It was a very worrying and stressful time.. During the first week she was in Julie and I trook the kids so that Adrian could concentrate on Rach. I took Tom and Julie had Bonnie and Sam. Tom was such a good boy for us.. helping out and being so thoughtful.. On the 16th Brodie just did not want to settle and wanted Mummy to lie down with him. A bad habit he has at the moment. and Tom offered to lie down with him instead.. I went in aout 15 min later to check on them and this is what I saw.....


Aren't they sooo cute.I just had to take some pics. We eventually woke Tom up to send him to his own bed.. not that he remembered that the next morning.. Lmao!

That week was very hectic between trying to keep our life in order, visiting Rach and helping Julie out with the two younger ones. She is such an Angel.. She was sick and still soldiered on with 5 kids in the house!

On the 18th Greg took the kids out in the boat.. The boys were very impressed with the big Crab they managed to bring home.

At our usual Friday morning get together one of the girls grabbed my camera and took some pics.. they were so cute I thought I would share..

And Greg was one happy boy this month.. I had Rach up at the chemist after rushing her to the doctor and he rang to talk about going fishing on the weekend. complaining once again how our boat couldn't fit everyone in etc. and making the comment 'unless I go buy a bigger one'. Well not thinking.. and not serious I said 'Well if I can have a good flash for me camera than you can buy a boat!' Well you guessed it ... the next day off he went and bought 'Night Fury' as we have christened it.

Here are some pics of it. I have to agree that it is lovely being able to send Greg and all the boys off fishing.. (I wanted to call it 'Mummy's Freedom!) lol.. but somehow I also managed to miss out somewhere on this deal. He got a boat.. and I still haven't organised the flash I want.. and the girls were all kicking me cause I should've asked for a scrapping shed Oh well.

I have designed the name to get put on it.. we now just need to get organised and get it done.

The day after we picked it up we all went out for the maiden voyage on the Fitzroy River.. the boys loved it.. catching a few little fish.. and Declan even hooked onto something quite big.. but it went straight to the bottom and even Greg couldn't reel it in. Eventually it broke the line. A bit of excitement for the morning.

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