Sunday, 30 May 2010

May.... It didn't really improve!

Well as I said.. I soo hoped that when April was over so would all the rotten things that had been happening! But no such luck! Unfortunately Rachie was still in hospital.. and they still couldn't give us any definite answers on exactly what was wrong with her.. It was soo worrying for her family and all her adopted family.. (us!)

To start the month off we had been up at the hospital with the kids to see Rachie... after having spent the morning shopping.. So you can imagine by the time we got home we were all ready for a nap and some peace. Well I walked into our bedroom and the two cats were staring very intently at the curtain... 'Bugger' I thought.'The mongrels have caught something and brought it in!' Well I carefully pulled one side of the curtain over so as not to scare the bird or mouse I expected.. Well no such luck! I saw the rear coils of a fairly long snake!!! Dropped the curtain and yelled for Greg!!! Kicked the cats out and yelled at the boys.. a few times to get away from our door and get into their bedrooms. Greg tried to gently coax the snake out the door.. but noooo it decided to go under our bed instead! So it took prob about an hour of snake wrangling before we politely asked it to leave and it did... (cough cough) Seeing as you are not allowed to hurt them and all!

Here is our friendly visitor.. unfortunately I didn't think to play with the settings on my camera so I didn't get too many clear photos. But you get the idea. From what we could tell it looked like an Eastern Brown.. Only the second deadliest snake in Aus.. but if anyone knows different would be glad to hear it!

The only good thing to come out of the incident was that Greg got in and fixed the screens on the doors.. something I have been asking for for Tell ya what though.. I definitely needed a nanny nap after that!!!
That week continued with Connor in trouble at school and Declan getting nits.. just to make life

On the Friday Declan had an afternoon tea at prep for Mother's Day.. As Nancy and Aidan came up on Friday to look after the kids for the weekend, Nancy came along too.

Now why did we need them.. well something good for a change.. Greg and I were heading off to Cairns/Port Douglas to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary. It is actually on the 13th of May but that weekend was the only time we could get away. Plus it was Greg's Birthday today. It was absolutely lovely.. We flew to Cairns on Fri night and stayed at the Cairns Casino.. Ducked down and Greg played roulette for a bit.. and came out in then back to the room for an early morning room delivered snack.. love it!! lol. And woken to a huuuuge Breakfast in bed.. ahhhh my idea of

Took the hire car and met my brother Brett, and gorgeous Niece Claire at the shopping centre. In the mess that was Friday I had completely forgotten to pack my make up so had a wonderful time girlie shopping with Claire and also spending a bit getting little gifts for her and others for her to take back to Lainey.. so wish we could've seen Lainey as well. kicking myself because I forgot the Camera in the car.. Claire is growing into such a beautiful little girl!

After that we took off for Port Douglas and spent the weekend up there eating out, relaxing, wondering around.. It was soooo nice. Though of course I didn't get to see the boys for Mother's Day. Back to Cairns on Monday morning and home again that arvie.

These are the gorgeous flowers that Greg brought me on our actual anniversary.. and my wonderful friend Tanya made us this beautiful card which our friends signed..

Due to the misbehaviour and attitude of our two bigger boys I also cleaned out their rooms .. They now have nothing left but their beds, clothes and books.. My garage is full of toys lol.. Doesn't seem to worry them too much though.. just goes to show how much they really don't need all the 'stuff' in their rooms.. They can earn it back bit by bit as they not much has been returned as

On the 14th May The school took the kids to Under 8's Day in the park. They had an absolute ball. I supervised one group of grade 2's and the boys were happy to wander around with other parents.. When I caught up with Declan he was very proud of his Spiderman and of course on the way back to the car we had to feed the turtles..

On the 18th we had a Scrap for Cancer as our Biggest Morning Tea.. It was wonderful.. Rach took some pics of all of us.. and of course they are just gorgeous then we sat down and did some scrapping.. what a wonderful way to spend the day. We were lucky to have some local scrap shops donate some goodies and Coles even gave us a gift voucher. We had given Carien $10 to get us the mugs from the cancer foundation but unfortunately they ran out so she went and got us some gorgeous mugs for $5 and we donated the other $5-. Mine says 'Drama Queen'.. So not me..lmao!! We also had some little raffle prizes and between that.. our gold coin donations, plus we were fining people for swearing, smoking and I donated every time someone made me a coffee.. ( I am sooo we managed to raise $180 for Cancer.. It is not a lot but I am proud of it.. after all there was only 11 of us there.

Here are some of the gorgeous pics that Rachie took.. She is sooo talented!

And the good news is she is on the mend! At home now and nearly back to her old self.. It is soo good to see her smiling again.

What a month....

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