Friday, 28 May 2010

Birthday Parties..

Well to round off the month we had 3 Birthday parties to go well as other things.. and can you believe I didn't even take any pics.. Luckily I have got some from friends.

We had Ella's Party (no pics)  and then we had Saphira's on the 25th. As Liv and Grant are into shooting etc.. she had a cowboy and Indian Party... A friend even brought a horse along.. not that Brodie would go near it But the kids had a ball! And Liv did a great job on the Cake too!

And because Rach was still in hospital.. I picked up a cake and had a very impromptu Party for Bonnie.. Just wish I had've been better organised to make her a cake.. but she was pretty happy with the Dora one I picked up. The kids had a great time even though it was organised last minute and just goes to show all you need for a Birthday Party is a Cake, some lollies, Pressies and lots of good friends.

Isn't she a gorgeous Birthday girl!

Speaking of good friends I have to say that I have some of the greatest friends up here.. between us (the Aussie Aunties as we call while Rach has been in and out of hospital we looked after kids, cooked meals, cleaned, played Taxi and all those other little things that need doing. And Adrian was a wonderful father and Hubby through all this.. looking after Rach, seeing the kids and still working. Plus Rach's Mum came up to look after the kids etc. for a few weeks.  Just goes to show that real friends are there for good and the bad! And I lubs em all.. xxxx

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