Sunday, 30 November 2008

Well I finally did it!!!

After much nagging from Greg and a few of our friends.. you know who you I finally got Brodie's hair cut.. It was a sad day for me .. I loved his little curls.. but not everyone agreed with me!.. pmsl.. I guess I did get away with it for 2
Here is the before shot at the hairdressers!

See even Brodie wasn't he had to sit on Daddy's knee!.

He settled down after a bit but he still wasn't too impressed..

My little spunk.. He is still gorgeous.. but now he is a little man and not my little bub any more.. sigh.. I so miss playing with his curls.. but I guess it had to be done!


Tam said...

I guess the piccie with the pony tail did it??????

He does look like a little man though! Too cute..

And is that a mo I see on more sleep...lmao!

Nic said...

Looks like loads of fun... gotta love he silly season!