Sunday, 30 November 2008

Playgroup Christmas Party

Well this Thursday we had our Playgroup Xmas party at the Heritage Village. So many people came.. we had 48 children.. and that didn't include the I think everyone had a good time.. I know by the end of it I was a little hot and stressed..pmsl.. Oh well.. the kids had fun..

We had pony rides.. I tried to get Brodie on there but he was not going to be in it.. He was a bit miserable and didn't want to do anything really .. except grab me and Luckily Declan was keen to have a go.. We also had stage coach rides.. but I was organising things and missed the photo op..

Amanda took this of me and Brodie.. Yes I know I look silly.. but it is a Xmas party.. even if I was the only one to do

Declan loved the Fire truck ride.. had to go on it Once again.. Brodi wouldn't be in it!

This is mostly what I saw of Brodie for the first half of the morning..pmsl..

Coudn't help taking this pic of Amanda and Patrick.. He is sooo cute and getting soo big!

I finally managed to get Brodie to go with Greg, one of the grandad's that comes to playgroup.. they had a good time feeding the animals.. and looking at the cow.. but he still wouldn't milk it! Declan did.. but once again I missed it as I was off organising things..

After the tour Santa visited to hand out gifts..

I love the look on Nicholas's face when he saw him coming.. the kids were so excited.. they were sitting down lined up ready!.. lol..

Declan had no worries going up to see him.. but I did have to take Brodie up.. Hopefully Rach got a good pic of that!
By lunchtime I was stuffed.. and so were the kids.. It was hot and muggy.. typical Rocky summer weather. Rach took some great photos too so I might be able to put some more up later.. I took heaps of pics.. as usual.. I had so many cute photos it was hard to decide what to put up.. pmsl..


Kylie said...

Looks like it was an awesome day Donna...thanks for your lovely message on my blog sweet!!
Love to you & yours
Kylie x

Kathleen said...

Awww, looks like the kids had a blast, love the photo of brodie, lol, I get that all the time!


Julie said...

geeez u weren't kidding when u said u had alot! PMSL.
Good to hear evrything was fine with the fire but sheesh I would've been in a panic!

U make me dizzy girl!

Julie said...

ohhh forgot great pic's too

Shandell said...

Looks like everyone had a great time :o) Heritage Village was a great idea - lots to do and see.