Saturday, 29 November 2008


I just had to put his piccie up.. On the 13th Brodie had a little too long a nap in the arvo.. and was insistant he did not want to go to bed.. so kept getting up even though we had all gone to bed early too.. He kept looking through the gap between the door and the door jam at me and after trying to get him back to bed I decided to ignore him. All went quiet and at about 10 I got up to check on him.. and this is what I found!! He was fast asleep on the floor outside our bedroom. Silly Monkey!

He is really coming into his own at the moment.. Talking so much more.. and his stubborn streak has kicked in.. Don't know where he got that from.. must be Greg!. He can be soo good and is using his manners so well.. shares well.. but his fav word is NO!.. I can ask him to do something and put him in his room when he says no.. and that will go on for over 15 mins.. until he finally gives in.. Oh for a meek and mild He is also starting to wear big boy jockies now too.. He does really well at daycare.. but no so good at home.. will have to ask them for their


Elise said...

Sooo cute and yeah!! for big boy "jockies" !!LOL! In our house we cal them "undies" but I guess it must be a girl thing!!!
Take care and we MUST chat soon!

Tam said...

Yep...jocks in this house too!!!!!
Thats such a cute pic, and gee those tiles must be need to update a bit more often chickie! xxx