Saturday, 29 November 2008


Well last Tuesday we had a bit of excitement round here.. but not the good kind.. Was actually feeling like I was staring to catch up on the million and one things I had to do.. smelt smoke about lunch time and had a look around.. Saw a plume of smoke in the distance. and didn't think much of it.. Went and lay down with boys in the air conditioned bedroom.. and sorta fell asleep between rousing on them to do the At about 2 I could hear Murphy the cat making a real ruckus in the lounge room.. which is unusual for him so went to investigate.. he was sitting there panting obviously distressed. The smell of smoke was a lot worse so I had a look out the back and the paddock behind our block was on fire!! Ran outside and heard the fire brigade out the front.. Gotta love those firies!!! Rang Greg and said 'The back paddock is on fire.. you might want to come home.' Mind you if you read the article in the Rocky Bullie I rang in a panic like a poor defenseless female..pmsl.. So the firies used our block to access down the back and with some backburning and hard work managed to get it under control.. Greg went down and helped put out a few little flare ups along the fence.. so at that point the back paddock and a small part of the neighbours back block was burnt..
I got Jodie to pick up Connor for me as I wasn't quite game to leave the house and when she got him home we had the good news that the school thought he had school sores and he had to get to the docs!.. So off Greg went to finish up at work and take him to the docs.. Brodie was very tired and cranky so I decided to give him an early bath.. Had the aircon on because the smell of smoke was unbelievable.. 15 mins or so later I went to the Garage to get the mop.. as usual he managed to throw half the water on the floor.. when I heard voices right outside the house.. Had a look through the front window to see the fire truck once again coming up our driveway.. Didn't worry too much, figured they were just accessing the back paddock again, but went out to have a look.. And the fire had flared up again and our back block was completely burnt out and the fire was at our house yard fence.. about 5 metres from the shed!!! Then I started to back on the phone to Greg and luckily once again the firies came through and got it under control. All I can say is thank God our neighbour saw it start up again!

The initial blaze

Yeah for the firies!

The flames when I first saw them were as high as the Mango tree..

Far too close..

This is only about 10 metres from the house!
We were very lucky.. no damage done but I wasn't game to leave the house for a few days.. There are some real idiots in this world.. they think it was deliberately lit!.. I'd like to get my hands on them.. and we actually had some neighbours that when Greg went down on Wed to put out a flare up were more worried about their water bill.. than they were about the fire.. I just couldn't believe it.. Luckily we had a good downpour on Wed night.. so I could relax!.


TatumW said...

holy cr@p sweet....what a day!!!! So glad that the firies got it under control and out and that nothing serious was damaged! Hope that you are having a bit of a relax sometime this weekend. Tatum xx

Nic said...

Glad you are all ok... fires are no fun!