Friday, 17 September 2010

What's Been happening..

As usual it has been busy busy around here.. Greg has been working away a lot and the boys as usual are keeping me on my toes..

We decided to do some craft one afternoon and I made up some salt dough for the boys to bake and paint..

so easy and they had a ball doing it.

It was also my Birthday on the 13th.. and on Sat night Greg cooked me a lovely roast dinner and I also got some gorgeous orchids delivered and my fav Caramel Mudcake..yummmm. I spent Monday doing nothing lol.. I had managed to get Brodie booked into daycare for a make up day so I spent the day watching videos and basically relaxing.. was sooo noice! and on Tuesday my gorgeous girlfriends ook me out to lunch at the Glenmore and I got another bunch of flowers.. soo spoilt..

Was a very exciting weekend as not only was it my birthday but I got a call at 3 am on Sat night to go and look after Zoe's and Joe's kids as her waters had broken.. Felt soo bad cause I had forgotten to turn the vol on my phone up..(doh) so took them a few calls to get luckily I get there in time as it only took her an hour or two and Lily-Rose came into the world.. She is such a cutie.. and the look on her big brother's faces when they woke up and I told them their little sister had arrived was priceless.. I just wish their mum and Dad had been there to see it.

And I finally have some pics to show because Gil and Nettie also welcomed into the world a gorgeous little girl, Rhiannon on the 24th Aug.. Sooo lucky to have two little girls to spoil.

Well we are getting organised to head off to Coolum tomorrow for 2 weeks holidays.. can't wait. We all so need a break. So if I don't get a chance to Blog while I am there I hope you all have a great couple of weeks of school hols..

And please keep your prayers going for Joshua.. he is still going through chemo and we have had some other family deaths and illnesses as well so all thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Lubs ya!
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