Tuesday, 12 October 2010

School Holidays..

Well over the Sept school holidays we headed down to our fav place.. Coolum Beach Getaway Resort for 2 weeks.. We love it there.. Coolum is such a lovely quiet beach and Murray and Carmel that manage the units are just so lovely!

We left home on Sat Morning and of course an hour down the road Greg realises he left his Laptop at home..lol.. Wouldn't be too bad but he had an assignment that had to be done over the hols.. lol.. Thanks to the gorgeous Rach she got it sent down to us on the bus...lol. Thanks Rach you are an angel.. and poor Mum had to chase the bus round the coast to pick it up for us because of a mix up on the pick up point..lol.. Thanks Mummy!!

Anyway looong trip down but we got there just after lunch time and after unpacking Greg and Declan went to the shops to pick up a few essentials. I got a lovely surprise when they came home with this lovely arrangement for me because I had to leave my Birthday flowers at home. Isn't that sweet!  

It didn't take long to get into the swing of hols. The first week the boys did a lot of swimming, Went fishing with Daddy and spent some time at the Beach.. It was a bit rainy but that really didn't worry us at all. I got to relax and read.. ahh was so noice!! Oh and don't forget the Fish and Chips for dinner.. I looove Coolum Fish and Chips..lol And most afternoons we had Happy Hour with Murray (the unit manager). Such a lovely bloke.. and a good excuse to sit down and have a wine..lol

On Monday morning we got a call from the security people to say our home alarm had gone off. Rach to the rescue again! She went and checked and yup someone had tried to break in. Luckily the alarm scared them off. We are so lucky to have such good friends. Between Rach and Gil they organised the police, fixing the damaged door and kept an eye on the place while we were away.. Thanks guys you are the best!!

On Monday we went shopping at Sunshine Plaza and took the boys to see 'Cats and Dogs, The Revenge of Kitty Galore' at the movies.. they loved it. With the kids size 3d glasses even Brodie kept his on and watched it all..lol

On Friday we met my brother Brett, Carla, Lainey and Claire at Australia Zoo. It was wonderful to catch up with them and of course to see my gorgeous nieces. I can't believe how much they are growing up!

As usual the kids had a ball checking out all the animals and chasing their cousins about.

We even got to see Bindi perform which the girls were really impressed with..lol. And of course the kids all came home with bits and pieces. Quite a lot actually cause some they bought themselves, we got them something and Uncle Brett bought them something.. Spoilt boys!.. Of course Declan went for the baby Croc that has its own bottle..lol. and another Mummy Croc and we got him a shirt. He also got himself a really nice book on Australian insects.. surprise surprise..lol. Brodes got some figurines, and had to have what Declan had so got a baby Koala and a Mummy Koala. Connor was the difficult one. Our boy is growing up.. he had a really hard time picking something. No kiddie stuff for him. He wanted a whip and a Hat.. both of which where about $100 each so we had to say no to that one..lol. He eventually got a rubber snake, a dinosaur excavation kit and we got him a shirt.

 I got to get the girls a pink Blingie Bindi shirt each..lol.. I loove buying pink bling.. don't get to do it very often!

It was a loong fun day, and the kids were all well behaved.. yeah.. but it was far too soon when we had to say goodbye and head off back to Coolum! We do miss seeing family. Everyone is so far apart.

The boys were swimming every day.. which was great for me because I must admit Greg often took them down to the pool and I got to stay inside and relax and read a book! I actually got 4 1/2 books read over the two weeks.. love it! In the middle of reading the Millennium Trilogy at the moment.. Love em.. Now gotta find the time at home to finish them..lol

Greg took the boys out in the boat a couple of times but unfortunately they didn't catch too much..And he and Connor were getting very frustrated as the other 2 boys kept getting bored or needing to go to the toilet and all they wanted to do was fish..lol

On Monday Marnie and Katie came down to stay for the night. The boys were so excited to see them. Katie is growing up to be such a cutie. She had drawn picture for the boys.. covered in love hearts and I Love You written on them.. lol.  

We took the kids to the beach that afternoon and they had a ball.. I got so many cute pics it ws so hard to pic which ones to put up. They played in n the water and looked for shells and found some sea snails which impressed Declan. Declan was inseparable from Katie.. they were holding each others hands most of the afternoon or walking with their arms around each other.. soo cute. Katie was so funny.. she kept facing the water and standing with her arms open (think Titanic..lol). it was so cute. And while we were searching for shells Brodes decided he wanted a kite so started swinging the Boogie Board around to see if it would fly..lol. Connor and Declan have both really got the Boogie Board worked out. Connor had a few good goes then got dumped.. he decided that was enough..lol.  

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After the beach the kids, Marnie and Greg all jumped into the pool. There was a lot of fun going on with the kids ganging up on Marnie with the Water pistols..lol.. Mind you I think she got her own back..

Yes I know I was very slack.. I went 2 whole weeks and didn't get wet once! I must be getting old..lol. Whenever I decided I would it would get overcast and it was a bit too cool for me to jump in..lol. But I had a great time taking pics..lol.

On Tues morning we all jumped into 'Night Fury' and went fishing on the Maroochy River. Doesn't she look good with her name on!. It was Katie's first time fishing and she had a great time. Again Declan stuck to her like glue..lol. Declan was very impressed as he caught the first fish of the holiday..lol. a little Archer Fish we threw back. The younger kids did get bored fairly quickly so we went back home and let the kids have another swim before Marnie and Katie had to head off that arvo.

Colin and Mum came down at lunch time too and Col, Greg and Connor went back out in the boat that arvo. Connor caught a whiting and Greg got that huge shovel nosed shark. Connor was so proud of himself as he could now cast his own line out and I think it was far more enjoyable for Greg..lol.

Aren't they the cutest of cousins..lol.. Poor Katie spent two days trying to get some space because everywhere she went there was arguments as to who was gonna sit next to her or hold her hand..lol.

The boys do miss their cousins.

While the boys were fishing Mum and I had great fun playing Wii with the two little ones..lol..

Granny had brought the boys a kite so the next arvo we headed off to the beach to give it a go.. I flew really well and the boys were very excited. Unfortunately we had only been down there for a little while when a storm started coming in so we had to rush home in the rain..lol.. The whole time having to explain to Brodie that the storm wouldn't really hit him..lol.. and that noo the chances of the lightning getting him was very slim..lol. The questions my boys ask!

On our last Friday our good friends Andrew and Marisa came up with Andrew's boy Jack. Declan was very excited that his Godparents were coming to visit..lol. It was lovely to see them and catch up.. been far too long. We had a great day playing tennis and Jack played soo well with the boys. They loved him, and when we were inside Brodes kept snuggling up to him..lol.

Tennis was so funny.. Declan kept throwing the ball up so high to serve it then running around trying to hit it over the net..lol. I think we need to do it more often at home. it was great fun and the boys played so well and so nicely. But Brodes stayed in the pool with Jack.. they were so cute together!.

That night after the kids were in bed we got to catch up and have a few drinks and play cards. Was a lovely way to end our hols. Just a pity they couldn't have come down for longer.

The next morning Andrew and Marisa kept the boys occupied while we packed up and unfortunately we then had to head home. The worst thing about hols.. long car trips with 3 kids..lol.

Wasn't too bad.. had to detour to avoid a fatal accident but luckily our trip was uneventful!

Hope you all had great school hols.. and sorry for the looooong update. Had hoped to do it bit by bit while we were on hols but unfortunately didn't have enough Internet..lol.


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