Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Happy Birthday Declan!!!

Yep... Can you believe it our boy is now 6!

He had a huuge weekend.. It started on Saturday night when Daddy managed to pull out his first loose tooth...

It has been loose for about 2 weeks and he was so excited that it was finally out. For his Birthday he wanted to sleep in the tent in the back yard with Daddy and his Brothers.. and Lucky him.. Marnie and Pa came to visit for the weekend so Pa got to sleep there too. So the Tooth Fairy had to visit him in the tent and then it poured in the middle of the night.. lol.. Marnie and I had a great night sleep inside..lol..

But in typical boy fashion they loved it!

Then on Sunday (His actual Birthday) they all woke up really early and after giving Pa and Daddy their Father's Day Presents (Photos to follow).. It was time to set up for his party..

And of course it had to be a bug party.. so I have been working my butt off for a couple of weeks getting a heap of bug stuff ready.. All his friends got here at 10 am and between showers of rain we managed to have a Bug Hunt, Pass the Parcel, Lots of food.. and off course lots of presents..

But it was also Julie's birthday so when she dropped Ry off I managed to surprise her with a little cake and we all sang Happy Birthday to her..lol.. I have decided I am soo much better at making boys cakes than girls.. lucky hey..lmao..

Don't ya love the appreciation..lol..

This is the Birthday Card I made for Declan.. I also cut out another copy of the Magnifying glass to pop it off the page and put clear plastic in the centre.. looked very cool if I say so myself..lol.. And we had Bug net Lolly Bags and and a bug jar invitation..


And this was the buggy cake.. Declan loved all the new bugs he got to keep..

Here is the decorations and food.. including the Birthday sign I made for him, Plus we had Bug pictures hanging everywhere. My attempt at Choc spiders..lol.. I was told they tasted good..lol.. There was flies (sultana's) in the ice blocks and I also had to decorate 30 cupcakes for him to take to school on Monday..

And the party.. and lots of presents.. He was very spoilt.. He got bug games, a remote control Rattlesnake, Bug books, Bug Building kit, Lego, an Antosphere ( Thanks Auntie Julie.. You will be cleaning up the mess if he knocks it over hey...) lol. He can't wait to set it up. And We got him some 'Littlest Petshop Animals', It was all he wanted from the whole Target Toy catalogue..and I also managed to find him a Hex Bug Nano kit.. It is soo cool.. and he got a few more Hex Bug's to go with it.. See I told you he was spoilt!  He loves it all.... Though he did ask Daddy why everyone gave him bug stuff.. duh! Maybe cause that's all he talks about..lol..

We had to finish the party with a Sausage sizzle cause he really wanted to have a BBQ too.. lol

He had a blast and I think all his friends did too.

All I can say is I am all bugged out..lmao.. so glad it over for another year.

One down.. 2 more to go!

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