Saturday, 6 June 2009

More from May

We actually mananged to get tickets to the Wiggles when they came to town.. Zoe and I took Brodie and Ella..

They were so excited about going.. Brodie had to wear his Captain Feathersword Outfit.

He was so excited waiting for it to start....

but when they actually came on he sat there like a stunned mullet for over half the He was in awe. He had just started getting into it when some kid jumped up in the seat in front of us and roared at him in a really aggressive way.. Scared the hell out of Brodes.. I was so cranky.. Especially as the mother did nothing. Took me ages to get him back in the mood again..

Unfortunately this is the best pics I could get.. The zoom on my Camera wasn't working.. but I have to say the Wiggles were really good.. Even had all the Mums and Dads laughing. ANd Anthony is extremely fit for his

It was a lovely morning with the kids except for the fact that I ended up with a speeding ticket on the way And this time I honestly wasn't doing it on Oh well.. payback for the times I haven't been caught I suppose.

On the 21 st of May we had a visit at playgroup from a lady that rescues Native Animals.

Isn't he gorgeous.. only 7 mths old. Such a little cutie.. A baby Hairy Nosed Wombat.

Of course Declan wanted a pet wombat after this.

And the bigger one was just as cute.. Wandered around and let the kids pat her without a problem..

They also brought along some snakes and Lizards.. Ella got up close and personal without any problems..
The kids absolutely loved it..
Well that's the rest that I can think of. We had trips to Mackay to see Dad and the usual running around here..
I am sure there was more I wanted to put up but at the moment I just can't think.. It has been a loong month..
I'm off to bed now I think.. catch you all soon..

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Tara Ward said...

Hi Donna
I am so sorry to read of your fathers passing, my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
Much love
Tara xx