Friday, 5 June 2009

Mother's Day

Well I guess I should update everything else on my blog that I have missed.. It has been a while..
For Mother's Day Declan's Kindy put on a lovely afternoon Tea on the Wed.

We had a lovely time.. got to listen to stories and sing songs with the kids. Led by his lovely Teacher and her assistant.. they really do a wonderful job with the kids.

After group time we sat down at our tables where we found these gorgeous flowers and place mats made for us by the kids..

In the heart Declan wrote

"I love my Mum because...

She turns 'Thunderstruck' on when I want to listen to it. She pushes me on the swing, at them park, and when I want to go Dreamworld, she takes me to the big pool and I like to dive in. I want to give you a cuddle and kiss... xx"

How cute is that.

They also made us the most gorgeous little pillows..

I just love it..
Brodie made me this gorgeous card and painting at Daycare.

And I got these gorgeous pressies from Connor that he made at school.

The week after Mother's Day they dedicated the the Friday Liturgy to Mother's. And Connor's class organised it.. They had signs saying thank you, some gorgeous clips of the kids saying what they loved about their Mum and readings. They also did some beautiful songs with actions as well. I was so glad I went.. It was such a wonderful morning.

Well as you can see I was quite spoilt for Mother's Day.. Unfortunately my Mother wasn't so lucky.. I still have her Mother's Day/ Birthday (4/2) Pressie sitting on my desk half finished.. Sorry Mum I will get But I can now show you what I made for my Mother-in-Law. I used Sheree's Mini - album kit/class to do up this album for Nancy.. I do hope she likes it.

Well I think that will do for tonight.. still got more stuff to update for May but I am tired it is late and I have heaps to do tomorrow.. Hope you are all well..
Donna xx

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Tam said...

Your photos in your album are gorgeous Donna....and you have done a great job on it!

Take care chickie xxxxxx