Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Boys trip to Dalby..

Well on the June Long weekend Greg took the boys to Marnie and Pa's in Dalby.. and I had the fun job of staying home and cleaning the But at least I finally got the pantry, bathroom cupboard and linen cupboard cleared
Swearing at Dad the whole time I did the pantry... thanking him for all the junk he has put in there over the years.. and I know he was up there saying.. 'Don't chuck it out.. it is only 4 years out of's still fine.!!' pmsl.
The girls also came over for a girls night on the Sunday night.. Had an absolute ball.. Tanya brought Lasagna and Salad.. Annette a beautiful dessert and Amanda some nibbles.. we were stuffed by the end of it all.. and sore from laughing.. thanks girls.. I really needed it..
Anyway.. Greg got to Dalby and Pa had fixed the Nifty 50 he and his brothers used to ride.. the boys thought it was fantastic!
Connor was a little unsure about riding it on his own so Pa put training wheels on it.. that was all he needed to get his confidence up.. He rode around on it then without the training wheels touching the
Declan and Brodie had great fun riding around with Pa and Not sure what is funnier..the kids or the sight of 2 grown men on a nifty 50..lmao.
Anyway the pics aren't the greatest but here they are having a ball..

Well at least i have caught up with some of my will catch up some more soon.. I will get up to date.. I promise..pmsl.. Hope you are all well..

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Elise said...

I had the same thing when I cleaned out my Dad's fridge and pantry...oh it was so funny....I think the winner was something from the early 1990's!!!!!!
Take care
E x