Friday, 25 January 2008


Well it has been a while so I thought I had better let you know what has been happening up here.. Besides the fact that it is stinking hot and

Well The landscaper has finally started work on the gardens but it has been a real mess.. Everyone of the machines he has hired has done damage.. We have had excavators and bobcats that have crushed our drainage pipes, {not really their fault}.... Knocked down my clothes line, {Now I got a new bigger one..yippee.. } plus there has been leaks in the watering system.. phone lines cut and the lawn is a mess.. I will be soo glad when it is all done.. and I think so will he.. None of it is his fault but he has done a good job of making sure it is all fixed etc as well as he can.. I think he will be glad to see the end of us!!..

I have actually done some scrappin too in the last couple of weeks.. I did this LO for Char's Weekly challengeon the Boxx ... last week.. We had to get inspiration from an ad in a mag.. so here is the ad and lo.. .

I have also done another lo which I will hopefully upload later and an OTP.. Off the page project.. That too I will hopefully upload later .. I am so glad I am making more time to scrap ..It has meant some late nights but I am really starting to enjoy it again .. Just wish my creative juices would start flowing.. Definately missing my scrapping buddies to bounce ideas off.. Mind you they are prob enjoying the

Still get to annoy Trine though.. Now she has opened 'Scrapping with you' been having a blast finding stuff for her to order for me.. Girls check it out.. She loves a challenge.. If she hasn't got it on the site yet.. she'll try and find it for ya.. Believe me .. you can't be as annoying as I am.. lol. Plus she has some really good deals on the site.. She really does! Does the plug make up for all the annoyance Trine..pmsl!

I even got in and made Mum a necklace and earrings set for her birthday.. but of course forgot to take a photo so I can't show you.. Not unless she takes a pic for me.. hint hint!

I am hoping that next week I will get my day to scrap.. Connor starts Prep on Tuesday.. Can't believe he is finally off to school.. and with the other two in daycare I might actually get things done..

On a sad note my camera died a few weeks ago.. I have been getting jittery with withdrawals.. but yippee.. my new Panasonic DMC- FZ8 arrived today.. and because I could get it on Suncorp Rewards. it didn't even cost me.. well except all those Credit card Anyway I will have to find time to play with it.. It has more features that you can poke a stick at.. It will even tell you the kids and pets ages when you take a pic f you load their birthday into it.. My God I don't know if I'll figure it all out.. but I will have fun trying.. Of course I missed heaps of good photo opps.. but I managed to catch some on video so hopefully when I find the time to download all the hours of video I have I may be able to print some stills..

hmm .. well the boys are doing well.. driving me nuts but thriving.. Brodie is trying to run now..but he goes too fast for his little legs so he keeps falling He really is a cutie.. and Declan is really starting to get an attitude.. Which he is gonna have to learn will not work around here.. Greg has been busy.. as usual.. Was off to Longreach for the night yesterday.. so the boys really missed him.. mind you they love picking him up from the airport .. so that was a bit of excitement for this arvo..

Anyway it is late.. I am tired and I have prob bored you to death so on that note I will say goodnight.. and I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend! HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!!!!!!

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Tara Ward said...

How blonde am I ? I didn't realise you had a blog Donna...had fun reading it..and a bit of a chuckle! Wish I had come on the Brissy weeknd, it sounded like heaps of fun! Would love to see more pics of the weekend...especially singstar night!
Tara xxx