Thursday, 10 January 2008


Well I have finally gotten around to updating my Blog.. We have had a few busy weeks and life is just starting to get back into a routine. We've had quite a few visitors pop in on their way up and down the coast an it has been great catching up with people we haven't seen for ages!

So where do I start, New Years Eve.. We had a great little party here on New Years Eve. A few friends, Poppy and us and a lot of cocktails.. Oh and did I mention we made it a bad taste night. When you see the photos you'll realise just how bad taste it We had a great night night and Brodie was the only one who didn't make it to midnight.. Yes even Connor and Declan were not going to sleep!! We even got some fireworks..One of our neighbours put on a little display.. The kids loved it! Now for those photos!

What a shocker!!

Those boys are mad!!

Like Father like son!!

It's not that big Poppy!

Aren't they gorgeous!

Pucker up spunky!!

I hope you all had a great New Years Eve Too .. and Happy New Year!!

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