Thursday, 10 January 2008

Me again..

Ok so besides New Years eve what has been happening.. Well Connor and I have finished all our shopping for prep next year.. He is getting excited now. We were able to do it all yesterday as daycare has started again. Yippee!! Declan is now in 2 days a week and Brodie started yesterday! He will be going every Wed, so after Connor starts Prep I will actually get about 5 hrs a week to myself.. Oh Heaven!!.. Brodie had a great day at Daycare.. He didn't even look twice when I left and the girls tell me he got a little upset about an hour later when it clicked I wasn't there.. but a bottle made it all better. then when I went to get him he just gave me a big grin and kept on pushing the toy mower around. I had to grab him to get a cuddle and get him out of there! Nice to be missed hey! He had such fun.. he painted and played and they say he settled in with the other kids really well. Here he is on his first day.

He loves his new orange hat!
Declan has also moved up a class but he is very happy because some of his friends and one of his carers has moved up with him. He had such fun on Tuesday that he couldn't wait to go back on Wednesday.. It is great to see them enjoying it so much.

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