Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The start of our Holidays..

Well it is the start of the New Year and hopefully our holiday will renew and revitalise our energy for the year..(she says as Greg and Declan are yelling and screaming in the background)

It was a verrrryy Long trip down on Saturday.. Traffic was busy and slooow and the boys have just started the 'are we there yet' monotone.. Ah the joys. But we got here ok and got settled into our unit, did some shopping and Greg took the boys for a swim.. An early night for all was definately in order!

Greg took the boys off to the beach early on Sunday morning.. They have decided that seeing it is holidays they have to be up by 6am.. grrr. I stayed home and finished unpacking and organising. They had a great time finding crabs and swimming.

Marnie and Pa came on Sunday morning to stay with us for the night, so of course the boys were very excited. They went for a swim with Daddy and Pa that afternoon and had a great time shooting everyone with water pistols another family had and swimming around with the noodles and Kickboard.

Monday morning we headed off to Australia Zoo. The boys loved it.. all the animals to look at.. Declan was in his element.

We got to feed the Elephant 'Siam' and for once I didn't worry about the camera and got to feed her too.. So unfortunately we didn't get any very good pics.. Connor and Declan both fed her on their own and I helped Brodie.. He got a little frightened and threw it at They are such beautiful creatures.

They also dug in the fossil pits they had there.. and there was a cave to explore..I do wish I had my camera ready then though cause Declan went around a corner in the cave and it started roaring at him.. He took off out of there like a scared rabbit..pmsl.. the look on his face was priceless.

We were very lucky that the Irwin's were there for the show at the Crocoseum. So the boys got to see Bindi perform and Terri and the kids were in feeding the crocs etc.. It was good fun.

When we got the boys to sit on the statue of the Tortoise there was about 4 Water Dragons sunning themselves around it.. Brodie gave me a heartattack as he walked over not watching where he was going and proceeded to stand on the largest I was sure it was gonna turn around and bite him or he had hurt it.. luckily both survived the encounter but Brodie was a little more wary of where he was walking after

The boys were very tired and we left at about 2pm.. Marnie and Pa headed off home and we came back to the unit.. Unbelievable the boys still had enough energy to have a swim with Greg when we got home.. I soo wish I had their energy!

Yesterday we had a relaxing day.. Greg took the boys for their early morning play at the beach then we went up to the shops to pick up the boys some more pool and beach toys.. and got to stop in and see Alliese, Greg's cousin that lives down here.. hopefully we will get to catch up with her and her kids next week.

This morning Greg and the boys went off fishing early.. Declan caught two little fish, and Connor and Brodie caught one each. Unfortunately Greg didn't get any pics. But the boys had a great time and I loooved the peace and quiet at home The Unit was cleaned the washing done and I was relaxing by 9am.. I soo need to get better organised at home so I can do more of this relaxing

Anyway nearly time for our lunch and Nanna Gotta love holidays..

Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of 2010..

Luv Donna xx

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