Monday, 24 March 2008

Quick Note

Hi Everybody

Just wanted to get on here and wish you all a very belated Happy Easter.. I know it has been forever and I still haven't put up those photos I promised but I am having heaps of probs with Bigpond.. Surprise surprise!! plus I have been flat out organising Playgroup and chasing kids..Well hopefully one of those worries is off as we have now moved playgroup. We are firmly embedded at the PCYC thanks to some wonderful helpers and a massive effort from Mark and Amanda. Especially as I was away at the Sunshine Coast when most of the work was done..

We were away over Easter catching up with rellies and just got back today.. so I am absolutely stuffed.. Hopefully will get time to fill you in better and if I ever get My web sorted out put up some Piccies.. Once Again I hope you all had a wonderful Easter .. and Chat soon.. xx

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Tara Ward said...

Hey Donna
How is everything? A bit hectic by the sound of you are looking forward to your Brissie getaway, you lucky thing!! Have a great weekend.
Tara xx