Thursday, 6 March 2008

Busy Busy Busy!!

Well I thought it about time check in again.. It has been flat out around here so I haven't had a chance to do too much.. Greg has been away a fair bit so that makes life a lot more difficult..

He went off to a boys weekend with our old friends from Highfields last weekend. They went to Rainbow beach and by all accounts had a good time.. He caught a few fish.. so it was fish and chips on Mon night for Dinner... though he does of course have a story of the biiig one that got away... Not sure whether to believe him or not though.

On top of my usual chasing of the kids I have also been flat out with Playgroup. We are getting heaps of new families which is great and we have also had some issues with the venue so that has taken up a fair bit of my time.. Will update when I know what else is going on there. All I can say is thank God for Amanda.. I am soo glad I convinced her to run it with me.. We work soo well together. And Zoe at Playgroup is also a marvellous help. The three of us are planning a little shopping trip next Thurs night.. for playgroup stuff of course.. I am soo looking forward to getting out of this house for a few hours!!! and no

Haven't got much scrapping done lately but I did manage to do one lo yesterday between all the playgroup stuff I had to do.. will upload some things when I get a little more time.. Hopefully Sunday.

Connor is off to his first Disco tonight. They are having one at school and the prep kids are going from 5-6. Luckily we have such wonderful friends in Mark and Amanda.. I had just explained to Connor that we wouldn't be able to go as Daddy was going to be home late when Amanda offered to babysit.. He had taken the news really well.. I was very proud of how understanding he was.. but he was soo excited when I told him we could go now. They are supposed to dress up as 'what they want to be when they grow up'.. I have encouraged Connor to dress up as a builder.. I just didn't have the time to do too much costume organising.. He gets to wear Daddy's tool belt so he's happy. Will post a photo later. He is also playing a trial football match this Sunday morning. This should be interesting.. Don't know how much they have actually learnt in the last couple of weeks so we will see how they go.. I am sure they will have fun so that is the important bit.

Anyway I have to go and organise dinner before we pick up Connor so I will try and upload a heap of piccies etc this weekend.. Hope you are all well..


Tara Ward said...

Can't wait to see the piccies you are going to upload Donna!

tam (boxx) said...

Hey you!!!!

Good to see you got SOME scrapping done, your w/c LO was gorgeous...Good luck at footy on the weekend...I can see you as a sideline mum, telling the others off...PMSL!!! Catch up for a chat soon.Tam xx