Sunday, 3 February 2008


I have also actually been getting a little scrappin done.. Trying really hard to do the Weekly challanges each week. ALso had my first day to myself on Wednesday which was marvelous.. and been squeezign a little time on the weekend as the three boys have been having a ball helping Daddy finish the fences! Well here a couple more I have done..

This is the lo I did fo the first time we got to cuddle cousin Katie after she came out of hospital.. Not sure I like this but it is done.. Had this idea for this gorgeous page but I didn't quite get it down on paper..

Baby Amimals.. Page 1

Baby Amimals Page 2

This was last weeks weekly challange on the Boxx where we had o use a journalling stamp as our background.. I had to finally do Declan's obsession with his stuffed animals and plastic animals.. also put in the way he pronounces some of the animals and the names of his favourites. .

This weeks WC.. a lo on school days.. so of course I had to do Connor's first day at Prep.. The white sheet tucked behind the folder is a letter I have written to him telling him what he did etc on his first day and some of our hopes for him..

I realised I hadn't uploaded this lo from a few weeks ago.. his is photos of the family reunion we had in Dalby last year of Greg's family. It was also Grandma's birthday.. The small group photo is actually a booklet with all the family photos of the families that made it.

Well I am hoping ot start on another lo tonight so cross fingers the boys will go to bed easily, Greg intends to watch the cricket, which is a good excuse for me to get into my room and scrap!!

Have a good week everyone!


Toni said...

love your layouts and your photos donna...
keep having fun!

Kwebbel said...

I'm from Germany (my english is not so good, sorry!)

I like your lo! - Thank you for showing!

I look around the world of scrapper and seach from every country a scrapper, and placeed them on my Blog - you are my scrapper from Australia!
If you want, you can look on my blog!
I wish you every time good lo's - and perhaps you visit my page in germany!


tam said...

Hey gorgeous...loving your LOs, you international star you!!!!

TatumW said...

Hi Donna! Awesome that you are finally getting some time to scrap. Love what you are doing! Have a fantastic week chicky! Tatum xx

Anonymous said...

You got some lovely photos on here!!! I find it hard to pick just one or two or three pics so do heaps. Whoops...
Loving your LOs!! Hoping all is well..
Your Fellow Scrapper
Amy B.

Leeann said...

hey you international star... i have tagged so you have to visit me and find out what to DG