Sunday, 24 February 2008


Well here 'tis.. I have been offline for over a week and it has been killing me.. The idiots at Telstra had struck again.. I won't go into a rant but lets just say that I downloaded a Telstra broadband update which crashed the system and a new modem, 5 phone calls, many hrs of speaking to some total idiots and over a week later I am finally back online! so what's been happening..

Connor has started footy training.. I was hoping he might do a year or two of soccer first but I was outvoted and last week he had his first training session.. He loved it!.. unfortunately we weren't the most well behaved boy out there! One of our friends little boy is also in his team and of course they started to muck around.. which led to pushing and shoving which got way out of hand.. It got to the point I went in to give him a talking to. Now I would normally not interfere in a sporting session but someone had to pull him up. Hopefully next week will be better as he has the President of the club training them. I warned him that he had better behave. So cross fingers all will go well. They don't play their first actual game until April so hopefully he will have learnt some discipline and skills by Daddy took him out to buy him his first footy boots yesterday.. We had to have them because 'they make you run faster and jump higher Mummy!'

I have been kept busy with a few dilemmas at playgroup..will go into that further at a later date as well as trying to do a little scrapping and as my friends would say 'she did it again'. Decided it would be good to make some dress up tails for the boys as they are starting to really enjoy playing dress ups. Well me being me.. we need to have the ears as well don't we.. so I have been spending some time making tails and things and figuring them out. It is not that hard but can be a bit difficult trying to get them done when the boys pop in every 5 seconds to see if they are done yet. Have now finished a Dragon tail and a Dalmatian tail and working on the ears. Will put up some photos when I get a set or to finished and get the boys to model them for me.

Brodie is growing up soo quickly.. He is really trying to talk now and tries to copy a lot of the things we say. Of course once he gets it right he doesn't say it again. Of course. He is loving his swimming lessons but Mummy wasn't impressed to find a photo of the two of us in the latest swimming newsletter. Scary as it is too admit it is not the most horrible photo of me yet.. but me in togs ..not pretty! They took a few photos of us doing lessons one day so I am hoping to get a copy of them as normally any swimming lesson photos I get are of Greg and the boys..even though he only gets in there about once a term.. typical hey!

Declan is doing really well at swimming too.. and is very proud of himself cause he can easily count to 10 and even 12 on most days.. He is loving books at the moment and is constantly nagging at someone to read to him.. at home, daycare and playgroup. He still loves his froggies too and we managed to find some tadpoles at Connor's school last week so we caught them and he took them to daycare.. We also caught some for Connor's class but his teacher is not as impressed as the kids I think she has a major frog issue.. Sound like someone else Clare! lol.. Anyway she is being very brave and has let the kids keep them..for now. Let's just hope they are actually frogs though and not Toads.. Ugh!!

We had Greg's parents visit last weekend.. The kids loved seeing them again and had a great time.. Unfortunately we sent Marnie home with the dreaded gastro that we had suffered from the weekend before... Luckily Pa didn't get it as well and no one here got it back again.. And Greg and I even got to go to the movies on Sunday night.. It was nice to have a bit of adult time together for a change. So for that ..thanks again Marnie and Pa...

Oh and more good news.. My washing machine died on Monday.. Ooh I hate washing but boy do you miss the machine when you don't have one. I can do up to and above 10 loads a week so it has been hard.. Luckily our wonderful friends Mark and Amanda let me come over yesterday and do about 4 loads at their place.. It was fun, I got to relax with out kids.. little Nicholas is soo quiet after my boys you hardly know he is around!... and Amanda and I got to have a great gossip and organise some playgroup stuff. Hopefully The repair man will be here on Monday and he will be able to fix it. Otherwise Imay have to annoy the guys again.. Thanks to you both I really appreciate having such wonderful friends here!

Anyway I have prob bored you enough.. Will put up some piccies of some lo's and the boys etc in the next few weeks. Hope you are all well.


tam (boxx) said...

Welcome back lovely lady!!!
You did well to cope for that long, I lost it after a day, and used the pay as you go in the shopping centre...heehee, Im more addicted than you...PMSL. Enjoy your catching up..Tam xxx

Tara Ward said...

Glad to see you back online wasn't the same without you!!